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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


Yes, you can. It’s fiddly, but possible.


Ah, thankee.


BodyEditor_90sHtach05 resets its wheel arch morphs after closing Automation, restarting the computer and re-opening Automation.


Both this sedan and coupe have a mid engine option instead of a rear engine. The smaller family of this body has it set as rear engine.


Self explanatory.


thats the same body that had/has an issue where iw wont let you put windscreen wipers on properly



Trucks on this body have full Upper Fascia morph.

The SUV only has back and forth movement.


These bodies don’t have a paint slot for the bumpers. The front bumper is recoloured as trim, so the bumper paint option is greyed out even though the rear bumper uses that slot. The only way to repaint the bumper is to apply that colour to the whole car then individually change the colour for all the other body slots.



The 2000’s Mclaren Body has this weird bug where the body lines dont disapear when you put fixtures over it


The '70s LWB MWB and SMB series vans and trucks all seem to have major issues when it comes to measuring accessibility. No matter how high you set the truck/suv/van, the accessibility score in the detailed view is -14% at best. The Kei variant of these bodies seems to be immune to this.


Convertible variants are listed a coupes.

The variant with the name shown (50s_Euro_Softtop) also has transparent panel seams.


91_23_muni_convertable_cpp has borken pillars

80sfamilyhatch_5dr_bp_preview is missing the rear left passenger door still


So what are the new bodies in the new update? I can never tell what’s been in the game already and what’s just been added… :joy:


One of the 80s car body is added in the new update as I’ve seen it for the first time, it is broadly similar to the 4th generation Honda Civic. It comes in three body sizes: 2.3m, 2.5m and 2.7m wheelbase versions.
It is available in sedan, coupe, convertible, wagon/van (can be morphed into MPV), 3/5-door hatchback, 3-door fastback (the 80sFastbackHatch is back!), plus new targa and coupe utility. So there are 10 variants in total.


Hello noticed that this body (55’ convertible) have a weight problem, the coupe variant of my car weighs 846 kg while the convertible (same engine same parts )weighs almost 2 tons

the exact name of the body is BodyEditor_60sCoupe01Small_ST_Preview


10s_Roadster Series allows for a very weird morphs on the rear pillar, fully extending the morph turns the window into an “ear” shape for lack of a better term.


Small issue with the morphing of the lip on the rear. Also might I add the wheels on this body don’t align the best in the middle of the wheel well. (EDIT: Also the engine seems to be too high up in the engine bay. even with intakes disabled its showing through the top of the hood. It even has tons of space below it.)


Wanted to build a car using this kei car body, it was fine in the chassis tab but in the trim selection it became this mess.



Interacting with the “Mirror” Paint slot using a Fixture will not work and also will crash the game.
May also be the case on the 65_XAB_Hatch_CPP.
Found out after attempting to redo a window line.


BodyEditor_50sPickupSWB_Wagon won’t let you put fixtures anywhere except on the windows. As an added bonus, that’s the van body. Fun, right?