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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


No, that’s just from morphing the A-pillar as far back as it goes. The be more accurate it seems more like a fold if I zoom in, as that better explains the line across the roof.

EDIT: The closed bodies have a similar issue.


noted, thanks. I’ll take a look at it - should be an easy fix


Some variants of the Corolla body have the lip placement strips visible and in a mirror material.
That would be 80sBoxyCompact van, fastback and notchback variants.



fixed, thanks


The old protoype body can get a case of nasty Carmageddon spikes if you attempt to make the front end smaller;



This body “70sBL18_22_2dr” seems to break the calc somehow


What the heck happened


The '92 Crown Victoria has a spike when morphed.


On the large C7 body, the glued aluminum monocoque chassis overlaps with the body. This problem is unique to that chassis type and does not appear with other chassis materials.



The black plastic trim on the bottom of both variants can’t be changed.

This is also the lowest suspension setting and the largest tire diameter.


The 1946 Coupe can’t have any size engine in the mid position.

This is the smallest engine in the game and it won’t fit…

Also, the gearbox is behind the rear wheels?


fixed :slight_smile:


Sweet. Unfortunately, I have another one for you… it involves the 00sSupercarLarge body… the one that looks like a Lamborghini.

The rear wheel offsets are asymmetrical, and so is fixture placement. It feels like the center-line is shifted over towards the right side (if looking from behind). I have placed two round yellow indicators on the rear quarter panel to demonstrate. The correctly positioned fixture is placed from the same side as the screenshot is taken, and the incorrectly positioned one is the mirrored fixture. Rotation is also slightly off, if you look at the little rectangular indicator that is placed where the spoiler terminates. The front, rear, and front-half sides of the vehicle seem to not have any issues. Issues seem to start just to the rear of the door.

This body also seems to have an unusually short engine bay, and can’t fit reasonably sized engines in the longitudinal configuration.

Another issue is that the default position morph for the rear fender is significantly narrower than what can actually be adjusted. As soon as that morph is selected, the body jumps to nearly double that width, and it can not be morphed back. I have tried selecting narrow tires and trying to morph it back; this is not a tire width issue.


I’ve done what I can. That body is quite small. Here’s an i4 fitting in it now though:


and that is with the wrong orientation, decent sized engines fit in now :slight_smile: we just confirmed that.


Fixed :slight_smile:


fixed :slight_smile:


@Fleshy, thanks for the '46 coupe fix. :smiley: :+1:

@Killrob, 2.0l i6 does the job perfectly.


Rear window trim is only half recolourable, and could do with some smoothing.


Center doesn’t morph right on this one. The rear of that body also has a weird little dent/bump too with morphing.