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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


80sFamilyHatch_5dr_BP_Preview only has one rear door (but a proper 4 door hatch body e.g. veloster would be a cool addition in the future)


The 1971 Fiesta body has some texture issues when aluminium panels are used.

UPDATE: Painting the car fixes it for some reason, but the issue still persists when on the Car Model screen.


List the actual body name so the devs can find it, it’s not listed as “1971 Fiesta” in the game files.


Speaking of orange aluminum panels, did the 80sOR_ bodies ever get fixed? Last time I checked they were still full orange until painted


90sJDMCoupe_Small has uneven windows, so the left side has a slightly lower window than the right hand side. Something minor… but when I’m building a convertible with the roof down it’s a bit annoying :joy:


Same body, the wing mirror trim piece doesn’t show the wing mirror when placed wholly on it.


Wrong thumbnail on the 1975 Sedan 70sLuxury


All morphs reset after going back into the game again on this body (only coupe? I haven’t tried any other yet)

This body type has wrongly allocated, on the coupe and fastback they are now sedans


Similar to Aruna’s problem, the morphs seem to be resetting on the 3.0 meter 1978 sedan body when you exit the game. The wagon hasn’t had the same problem (yet). This is what it is supposed to look like, with a 90 degree front end:

But when you load in, you get a completely warped forward front:

This is exacerbated by the front end not wanting to adjust to any position besides fully angled back, or fully angled forward; and by problems with movement of all the fixtures.


After launching the game, loading a car that uses the 2.7m “00sEuroHyperC” body (and not its 2.3m SWB variant) will cause its hood morph to reset. This only seems to happen if either wheelbase of said car is the first one to be loaded after the game is launched.


2010s_GT_SWB’s engine bay is far too short, it can’t fit an under square 3.0 V6 or I6 which is reasonable for a car of said body type.


UV issue on this body? Look at the unmirrored fuel cap that i put. It only appears on the station wagon body.

Station Wagon body.

Other body than Station Wagon


Pickup variant of 2.5m SUV body has all NaN values when build is complete. SUV variant has no issue.


Both convertible variants are split down the middle behind the roof.


The bodies that were previously marked as coupe are now for some reason sedan/saloons


Not a bug, they’re “two door sedans” and in line with the convertible/coupe revamp.


But it doesn’t make sense anymore, that body doesn’t have a single coupe type, which in campaign makes it hard to spread markets


This body has resetting morphs. Dunno about the shorter wheelbase variants, but the 3.1m definitely does.


Oopsy daisy, the rear of the BodyEditor_90SUV_5dr_Preview seems a bit triangular in parts.


78_Lux_Coupe_CPP and possibly other variants and wheelbases have resetting morphs