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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


The front and rear morphs keep resetting on this body whenever the game is reopened. I haven’t tried the other variants, it might be the same case across the board. Some of the cabin morphs also appear to be problematic.


So this body has some pretty severe tearing as well as this…

I assume its the bonnet camera for beam or something, but whatever it is, it shouldnt be there.


Yeah, seems some materials got misplaced when dropped into the game and one of the invisible boxes got the lip material or something.


The standard Lancer sedan body seems to have an issue with mirrored decals.

The original decal conforms normally…

…but the mirrored decal seems to sink into the body in arbitrary places.

Here’s another example with vanilla decals.


Not an issue, but a request… can we get the “pillar trim” slot on the 2.8m BMW (10sSedan) extended to these areas?

Also, on the 3.1m variant, these areas are under the “window trim” slot and the surrounding trim is under the second “window trim” slot, with the “pillar trim” slot being unused. Perhaps this could be changed to be more consistent with the other variants?


the 77 hatch back 5 door only has 4 doors (including the hatch)


Bad reflections (likely triangulation)


This body regularly (every time after closing design tab) resets its morphs. Also “hitboxes” are in other places than bumper corners that lead to fixture spikes and levitating angled trim pieces.


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