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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


The front and rear morphs keep resetting on this body whenever the game is reopened. I haven’t tried the other variants, it might be the same case across the board. Some of the cabin morphs also appear to be problematic.


So this body has some pretty severe tearing as well as this…

I assume its the bonnet camera for beam or something, but whatever it is, it shouldnt be there.


Yeah, seems some materials got misplaced when dropped into the game and one of the invisible boxes got the lip material or something.


The standard Lancer sedan body seems to have an issue with mirrored decals.

The original decal conforms normally…

…but the mirrored decal seems to sink into the body in arbitrary places.

Here’s another example with vanilla decals.


Not an issue, but a request… can we get the “pillar trim” slot on the 2.8m BMW (10sSedan) extended to these areas?

Also, on the 3.1m variant, these areas are under the “window trim” slot and the surrounding trim is under the second “window trim” slot, with the “pillar trim” slot being unused. Perhaps this could be changed to be more consistent with the other variants?


the 77 hatch back 5 door only has 4 doors (including the hatch)


Bad reflections (likely triangulation)


This body regularly (every time after closing design tab) resets its morphs. Also “hitboxes” are in other places than bumper corners that lead to fixture spikes and levitating angled trim pieces.


2.8m BMW (10sSedan)
please do tell if its an already known issue but i only just realised this

also still has mirrors from kee days as you may already know


This here is the limit of engine length for longitudinal FWD layout in this body:

And the engine here is the most undersquare 500 cc I3 possible, and that’s the largest that can fit in this layout. I mean, I get that longitudinal FWD is terrible for packaging, but that’s straight up too much, especially seeing the amount of empty space in the front. There were numerous small cars with I4s used with this layout, which is not really possible here.


This body:

The new monocoque rear engine model goes deep inside of the car, invading the rear seats

Also, this same body with a spaceframe chassis can’t fit any reasonable sized engine in mid config and only boxer 4 in rear config. Thanks for your work, really enjoying the update.


The front part of the chassis on 00sSS_Coupe_BP_Preview glitches out when zoomed in on it and parts of it flicker in and out of existence.


2.6m E90 corolla body variant

Switching variants of a car using a large amount of 3D and 2D fixtrures removes ALL fixtures, tried on other bodies and only the corolla E90 family does this

before the screenshot i was using the variant to the left, and after it showed like this


Broken UVs / Doesnt have any

Many of the coupe variants of the E90, i checked basically every wheelbase has this issue where UV is not present.

This specific variant has uneven UVs


Additionally, the 80s_E90_supra_M has a MacPherson strut glitch above the bonnet/hood.


Seems like a LOT of the hatchbacks (haven’t tried them all!!) aren’t being reported correctly.

Getting a 10% “Body Type Penalty”, when Desired Body Type is Hatchback, for using a hatchback!

One of the cars

Penalty notice


MacPherson strut glitch (blue circles) in the following bodies

08_jpn_s (all variants are affected, except crossover)

08_jpn_m (all variants are affected, except crossover)

09_jpn_coupe_longnose_xs (Kei Car-sized)

70_swedge (all variants are affected, except 70_swedge_N fastback)


Is the problem the same with 5 door hatchbacks?


They fixed this with the first update. :slight_smile:


The Mini body, 50sMiniCar, can’t have front wheels wider than 145mm. Rears no wider than 175mm and can’t be offset to the extent of the wheelarch morph.