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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


I miss the morphs from the KE version for the body above. Mostly at the c-pillar.


1980 2,2m hatchback, at least 5 door version…
Placing some fixtures on the rear fenders are almost impossible. Leaves a “hole” around the fixture. Could not use a regular filler door for example, so I had to use the racing gas cap, didn’t feel quite right on an econobox. Same thing with side marker lights that I had to put on the bumper to not mess up the body.


The 1960 sedan body is to small for an 2.8 L6 engine.


Crown Vic body doesn’t work at all (too much weight for its tires). It should not weigh 8 tons or more. The morphs are fine, though.

I suspect it could be that someone overestimated the size of the cabin and/or cargo boxes. Until this issue is fixed, this body should be removed from the game ASAP, but it should also be put back in as soon as the weight bug is squashed.

As for the larger 12C body, what issue exactly led to its removal? And when will it be reintroduced?


So, for this body family (the 10s roadster long-wheelbase):

The weights are sort of screwed up. This variant, the softtop roadster, weighs in at 1569 kilograms in its current form. If I switch body variants to the hardtop convertible, the weight goes up to about 1650 kilograms without making any other changes - makes sense, but maybe a bit much. The big issue is switching to the coupe version, where the weight will go up to well over 1800 kilograms with no other changes made.


'55 2.2m wheelbase coupe/convertible body

There is virtually no space anywhere on the rear “fins” that any taillights can be placed. I have successfully gotten only 1 fixture to stick, kind of, to the side. But it was so stretched tall and thin that it was absolutely grotesque. I tried at least 8 different fixtures.


The smaller mid 90’s coupe (NSX) is missing some vertices with the front morphs.


'55 2.6m coupe this time.

I’m pretty sure the chrome bits here aren’t actually supposed to be part of the window trim, but it is.

Edit: and the actual window trim isn’t part of the “window trim” for painting purposes.


10s BMW bodies. Not symmetrical front end.


Can you be more specific. I haven’t noticed any issues.

There’s also 3 sizes of BMW body, and like 10 variants over those 3 sizes


The 2 largest wheelbase bodies at least.

Try to stick headlights or a vent, and compare both sides.

BTW, I posted a pic here, a few weeks ago I think.


1975 “boxy american sedan” body, very hard to put a grille on. You can’t center a grille in the middle of the front end, you can’t enlarge a grille to fill up the whole space.


You can definitely see some issues with this one, thanks for reporting it.



The 190E body introduced in the latest update has the same overloading (excess weight) issue as the Crown Vic body once did. At least the latter works fine now.


Specific body codes are wanted. Saying “190e body” and “crown vic” body isn’t sufficient


Here’s what I meant:

There’s no way anything made with this body (80s190Wagon - 2.64m wheelbase) should weigh >4 tons.

However, the large 90s sedan body (90sSedan3 - 2.92m wheelbase) now works just fine.


Look at what MugenCity posted. The list on the bottom showing the name of the body file is what’s best for reporting these. Makes it easy to find right away and the devs get to avoid a wild goose chase.


This truck only takes 1 row of seats.

It clearly has 4 doors, but it’s labelled as a 2-door.

Edit: The body does this odd cut out thing on the sides when fixtures are placed on it.

Edit of an edit: I can’t center-lock on the rear.


Not sure if this is a body/variant issue, or a fixture issue. I was putting a lip on the rear of the 1990s convertible, and Freddy Kruger came along and shredded the boot.

Those slashes seem to be emanating from the grilles I’m using as defacto exhausts. They were under the lip (at +3, so they would stick out, and the bumper bar at +4), but I moved them when I saw the scratches, thinking that might be the problem. They are no longer under the lip, but the scratches (for lack of better term) are still there.

Update: I can use the bumper bar to ‘smooth’ the scratches, but every time I re-open this model, they return.


1985 Van (BodyEditor_90SUV_Van_Thumb) has Negative (-721L) passenger space… we get to drive from outside, like in a video game.