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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


1980 2,6m body, station wagon variant…
Some serious symmetry issues in the back, the whole rear end is bent to the left like if the car has been hit in the side, and you can’t mirror fixtures because of that.



This variant has a surprisingly high drag value; more than even the pickup variant (0.444). Should it maybe be closer to the van variant (0.406) since it’s only got a few extra side windows adding a bit of drag?


Your image is broke


2007 2 doors pickup with 3.3 wheelbase (SUVHuge02_Ute2dr) can fit in 2 rows of seat.


Sure, but they’re two super uncomfortable rows.


The second row is behind the cab…not all rednecks need a roof over their heads!


I have two jump seats behind the front seats in my 2-door 1985 Datsun 720, but I don’t know who is supposed to fit in there… :stuck_out_tongue:


corrected seating options on SUVHuge02_Ute2dr for next release


Your backpack or stuffs :stuck_out_tongue: or maybe just to accomodate reclining seats /seat rails?


I also have jump seats in the back of my first-gen 2-door Frontier, and I physically don’t fit behind the seat. So it always blows my mind that the one coworker of my spouse happily jumps back there for a ride home, every day.

It was also weird because it was a two-row, three seater truck from factory (Though I eventually installed a second jumpseat in behind).



10sSedan02Med has issues with window trim and pillar paint color areas. Window trim is colored brown, pillar(s) are red and you can see for yourself what area it affects.

How I think it should be:


You forgot to mention one more issue with the 00sSupercarLarge body:

If you push the morph for the front spoiler on this body too far back, it gets a bit… spiky to say the least.

@Fleshy, please make sure to fix all of these problems with this particular body as soon as you can - especially the one regarding engine bay size. Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t been fixed by now.

Edit: there is a body tag in the post I quoted.


Yet again missing the important body tag.

Also, the Devs have been very busy lately, quit being so rude toward the developers


Found another unwelded seam. Not sure if the other variants have it.


Got a chassis sticking out (only on the coupe variant):

All variants also have their firewall too far forward, making it impossible to fit a reasonably sized I6 in the early 60s:


Yeah, that’s something I dislike with that body, I’d say that an inline 6 is what you would be most likely to see in a car like that, think of it as a Falcon/Valiant rival…


There’s some calculation wrong with the 60sSedan04_4dr cargo volume. The calculated amount for my car is 3,965 liters, which is approximately the size of ten and a half bathtubs.


The mafia needs lots of space to hide corpses, right?


I think I have corrected that but it’s yet to be released. I will investigate on my return from holiday


The “10sSwoopySedan_Wagon” body doesn’t have separately paintable bumpers (unlike the other “10sSwoopySedan” bodies in this family).