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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


Don’t know if this should go here or in @pyrlix thread…

1971 Sedan (Fiesta) won’t allow me to fit any engine in it at all. Both longitudinal and transverse are affected.

Also the 4/5 door variants look awful compared to the 2/3 door models.

3 door

4 door


That’s a mod, it doesn’t belong here. That being said, that body will be vanilla in the next update (or a later one), so any issues should be resolved then.


10sSwoopKei, vanilla, front wheels aren’t centred correctly in the wheel arch.



Currently building a car with the 2.3m wheelbase 10Roadster.

When using an aluminium monocoque chassis, the chassis ends up poking through the rear bumper even with default morphs. The issue affects all variants.

Sorry for the toaster quality, currently running the game on my laptop.


This body shows 2 doors and only allows to put 2 seats