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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


A minor but noticeable issue with 10sCoupeLarge (the one with a 2.8m wheelbase and which resembles a C7 Corvette):

With both body styles, the chassis actually protrudes through the rear bumper if a glued aluminium monocoque chassis is selected. And if you morph the upper front end far back enough, it will stick out from the nose as well:

None of the other chassis type and material combinations have this problem with this particular body as far as I know.


Issue with cabin size. Sedan variant is fine, wagon variant is FUBAR.


The shorter version of that body has the same issue, only one row of seats is available on the SUV variant (and it also supposedly only has two doors).


A steam user reported some camera issues with this body. According to @KA24DE it’s 00sSupercarLarge


Various fixture cutout issues


This antenna has turned into a turn signal >.>


To expand on this, I am starting to have all kinds of problems with wheel arches not saving properly or just disappearing now across multiple bodies. This body has started to act up now:


2002 Coupe doesn’t want McStruts…


Still looks cool driving it in BeamNG


This body has a couple of issues

Front UVs do weird things, with parts of the body tearing through many fixtures:

The body is also set far too low on the chassis, causing issues like ridiculously low ride height (with clipping wheels) and drastically limiting the height of engines:

Edit: forgot to mention it, but the area in front of the windshield is strangely bumpy as well (morphing the cabin back fixes it somewhat):


Also, a Cd of 0.184? That’s unrealistically low even for a body that small, allowing it to reach unusually high speeds.


This body used to unlock in 1985 in the kee engine. For the style it has, 2000 seems much too recent, so dropping it back to 1985 or even 1990 could be more fitting? It would also help to fill the huge gap in commercial vans.

Visible vertices on the model for the 2005 coupe body style

2002 Coupe, 2.7m Wheelbase…is actually a freakin’ TARDIS!!!

If you hover over the thumbnail then it says that cargo and passenger volumes are both 0L.


Visible vertices and edges on the 2005 coupe and the 2005 convertible. This causes the body to not look smooth and also causes issues when exporting to beamng. To see the vertices look just behind the door and on the wheel arch.


1946 Coupe bonnet isn’t modelled correctly.

Edit - It’s the morph that deforms the bonnet.

Edit 2 - If you morph the problem out then it comes back after saving the car. :frowning:



I’ve been noticing on the forum threads people posting cars with this body, but they seem perfect (eg. “VG33’s garage” thread) with no errors. I cloned one of mine using this body, still had the error (even changed it to the drop-top and back). I built a new car, no fault in the panel.


Space frame and monocoque chassis clip through 50sPickupSWB body.


On the 1975 Coupe, the body and paint covers the grilles and rear number plate randomly. And the engine sits under the middle of the car until you select drivetrain. I also reported it here: A Few Bugs To Report


Major Texture/Fixture Bug

Probably a good excuse to just remove the bumpers :stuck_out_tongue:


2005 Coupe allows rear seats in the hardtop but not in the fastbach or convertible. Personally think the seats should be removed from the hardtop, rather than adding them to the other bodies.