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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


Fixed For future release


Forgive me if this has already posted, I couldn’t find it in the search.
Anyway, 10s_SUV_medium pictured here…

The problem I am having, is that as I’m tightening the rear springs, it only effects the front ride frequency. The rear gets up to a maximum of 1.22, and then any and all changes affect only the front end. Do not know if it’s a bug, or how I have it set up (McPherson struts on front, semi trailing arm in the back), but it makes it hard to make it functional.


This one, especially the wagon and fastback

This happens

Not on the other one though, same with headlights.


Updating an engine and found this little mishap…

Pistons should be reliable up to 290Nm but they are showing a problem at 288.


this is not in the right place as this thread is for bodies and their variants

However your pistons are showing -1% reliability at 290. the calculations probably don’t work this way but 99% of 290 is 287.1, perhaps that is why you see issues as 288?


It is rounded, so expected behavior, also not the right thread :slight_smile:


hehey fuCK

60sCoupe02_v1, happens on all other variants with the 240z-style hole regardless of cardinal lock and with all fixtures

edit: this part is still trim when it’s not supposed to be on 60sCoupe and I presume 60sCoupeGTO. the window trim is stuck in chrome and this dumb rear bit is the only thing that changes. bumpers are also stuck in chrome.


Found one I think nobody posted : the 2003 SUV body “BodyEditor_10sSUVHuge_Thumb”, when morhping backward the rear of the body to the max you get hollows in the rear window and trunk :


Another I think :

The 1965 coupe (Targa_MV), I put the biggest engine in mid transverse position with pushrod suspensions all around. Then trying to move some weights around I swapped front suspension to double wishbone.
Engine did not fit anymore in its mid transverse position.
Now; I’m far from being a car expert so I’ll ask : Shouldn’t that change nothing for the mid engine ?


You switched rear suspension to double wishbone, which makes your engine bay narrower.


Nop, the rear double whishbone instead of pushrod do not give me the “The engine do not fit” warning… That doesn’t change anything. It’s the front suspensions, I just put the screen for the body ID.


This body has super low drag compared to basically all other bodies


drag slightly nerfed for this one now. Will be released in due course.


Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


The front fender morph breaks the lower edge of the nose on one side of 80’sLMP.


Got some non-recolourable blue trim around these windows.


Wheel arch morphs reset to default on the “80s190_M_18” at seemingly random intervals. No other body (that I’ve found) does this, and I recall another member saying the same thing happens on his end. I assume it would also happen on the “80s190_Wagon_102” variant.


Don’t know if someone else has already noticed this, but this body has a white rear bumper instead of a chrome one and there’s no option to change its material. 60sCoupe MV.


80sPickupLarge’s tailgate is always plastic / bed material with no way to change it. The 80’sPickUpLarge_SUV variant does not have this issue.

EDIT - Also, the front and rear wheel well morphs have different geometry in a way that I feel wasn’t intentional.


Reply to not lose this thread, later in home, would upload a melted body

Uploaded picture