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UE4 Open Beta Discussion / Bugs


The first Unreal Engine 4 based version of Automation will be released in open beta later today. This is the place for you to discuss things like bugs, the new UI, and ask questions about features that don’t quite seem right yet. Hint: much of the UI isn’t polished up yet and there sure are plenty of bugs.

What we’d like you to do is to disregard most of the smaller bugs for the first few updates of this open beta, but tell us about any big issues (i.e. crash bugs) you encounter. I will post patch logs here too for the coming updates.

Also relevant is checking out the news post about this update and the YouTube video going along with that.
R1 Update Video: https://youtu.be/NIAPTYu_l8U

B170527 (Hotfix 1)

  • Fixed instance of game not loading (black screen forever), due to non-standard characters in usernames. Please try launching the game again.
  • Fixed instance of crash related to fixture placement, rendering texture out of range.

B170531 Improvements

  • Shader adjustments to support SM4 (DirectX10) graphics cards
  • Major performance optimizations for low / medium graphics settings
  • Improved performance when adjusting fixtures
  • Improved graphics options, fix to loading / saving of settings
  • Improved photo scene UI
  • Added graphics option presets

B170531 Fixes

  • Fixed various fixture adjustment and body morphing related crashes
  • Fixed overly sensitive input for fixture adjustments
  • Fixed fixture rotation not saving/loading
  • Fixed headlights popping out of the car
  • Fixed issue with changing fixture variant
  • Fixed rare crash related to loading a body
  • Fixed screenshots not saving in Documents\My Games\Automation
  • Fixed photoscene using too high resolutions, now set to 2k resolution
  • Fixed (partially) issues with car placement in photo scene
  • Fixed issue with engine thumbnail generation
  • Fixed how top bar year changer affects models / trims, etc.
  • Fixed being able to select to select gearbox when engine doesn’t fit
  • Fixed engine too large warning showing before even making an engine
  • Fixed weight balance being the wrong way around in calculations
  • Fixed engine designer side panel not coloring right in during car design
  • Fixed drop-down grid clone-functionality for trims
  • Fixed smoothness factor for V8 FP cranks
  • Fixed 90 degree V6 smoothness, tweaked various smoothness ratings
  • Fixed time acceleration functions on test track, limited to 5x
  • Fixed two test track crashes related to brakes and low powered cars
  • Fixed unfinished bodies loading despite not being usable / visible
  • Fixed warning indicator to now flash for severe issues
  • Fixed wheels not attaching to torsion beam rear suspension
  • Fixed various tooltips

B170602 (Hotfix 2)

  • On first ever start, game sets approximate graphics settings
  • Fixed issue where car bodies and fixtures would not show
  • Fixed engine manager displaying a white box instead of a list
  • Fixed 5-valve per cylinder engines not loading pistons
  • Fixed left exhaust not spawning on turbo V engines
  • Fixed all exhaust placements on transverse engine headers
  • Fixed some car bodies calculating a 10cm tall engine bay
  • Fixed Focus Length resetting to 2.6m all the time
  • Photo scene widget can now be hidden

B170608 Improvements

  • Added checks and fixes on startup for database corruption issues
  • Added important graph stats feedback (bottom out and brake fade)
  • Added more info in cooling slider tooltip (not done yet)
  • Added fixture delete button, updated fixture gizmo
  • Paint Color Creator UI revamped
  • Wings and Lips are now functional aero fixtures again

B170608 Fixes

  • Fixed several fixture related crashes
  • Fixed power distribution slider for AWD
  • Fixed cars not bottoming out
  • Fixed slider step size for turbo sliders
  • Fixed saving of compressor size, AR ratio, and boost limit
  • Fixed engine variant not having stats after cloning
  • Fixed issue with deleting trims in car manager
  • Fixed issue with car body bones after year year change
  • Fixed various stats display problems on final testing page
  • Fixed tire width not updating on flaring wheel arches
  • Fixed wheel name / stats display
  • Fixed car footprint size not showing in some cases
  • Fixed a bunch of graph issues (not all fixed yet)
  • Fixed power graph breaking for timing 100 with cam 100
  • Fixed some formatting issues on market page (not done yet)
  • Fixed exhaust slider / size issues in engine designer
  • Fixed issue with exhaust headers not updating on engine mount switch
  • Fixed various issues with fixture placement
  • Fixed an issue with fixture placement in the photo scene
  • Fixed billet steel crank having wrong texture
  • Fixed wrong reflection map being used outside of car design room

B170615 Improvements

  • Improved all kinds of car weight calculations for more realism
  • Improved performance when moving fixtures
  • Added turbo flow info to engine flowbench
  • Added grid / list mode switching in engine / car manager
  • Added failure prompts for changing trim / family / variant years
  • Added 0-100 time in gearing graph and roll angle stat to bump test graph
  • Added confirmation prompt for deleting paints

B170615 Fixes

  • Fixed issues with rear engined cars, speed, CG, etc.
  • Fixed many bugs in the CG calcs of the car, added parts to calc
  • Fixed several issues with car’s weight calculations and part contributions
  • Fixed market minimum safety requirements always being 2017 standards
  • Fixed gauge and test track issues when choosing mph as unit for speed
  • Fixed tachometer (RPM) on test track not having redline indicator
  • Fixed issues with detailed stats page calcs, added missing factors
  • Fixed bug in entertainment quality calculation
  • Fixed power steering option effects on stats (tooltip not done yet)
  • Fixed various fixture placement related issues
  • Fixed display power distribution next to its slider
  • Fixed inline engine’s last cylinder valve animation issue
  • Fixed engine year not defaulting to car year
  • Fixed slider input getting out of bounds
  • Fixed issue with suspension presets not functioning in some cases
  • Fixed issue with camber slider step size, going from -3.0 to -1.0
  • Fixed problem with deleting a car model
  • Fixed player being allowed to modify model / family with 2+ trims / variants
  • Fixed various issues with brake vs grip graph (not quite done yet)
  • Fixed various graph formatting issues

B170623 Improvements

  • Revamped brake tab, added brake bias slider (tooltip broken)
  • Added a -safemode command line argument & launcher option
  • Added 9 car bodies (many more to come soon)
  • Added appropriate grip and service cost penalties for stanced vehicles /o=o\
  • Added variable electric power steering[/list]

B170623 Fixes

  • Fixed engine designer hold/revert functionality locking up
  • Fixed race intake option disappearing and not reappearing when appropriate
  • Fixed the brake airflow slider only adding engineering without function
  • Fixed convertible soft-/hardtops not being implemented correctly
  • Fixed suspension and chassis quality not being hooked up to the sliders
  • Fixed and added car body filter functionality
  • Fixed issue with car body loading prematurely on chassis tab on year change
  • Fixed side panel displaying RON numbers when AKI was selected
  • Fixed issue with coloring of market demographics overview
  • Fixed demographics not updating correctly in the side panel
  • Fixed wheelbase and gearbox not displaying correctly on design overview
  • Fixed various icons on detailed stats page
  • Fixed engine-/car-manager not remembering choice of view mode
  • Fixed top speed line in gearing graph not updating or being accurate
  • Fixed issue with top speed estimation causing lua errors
  • Fixed listbox tooltip closing and reopening when moving between items
  • Fixed tooltips for differentials, traction aids, and power steering
  • Fixed various tooltip bugs on chassis tab
  • Fixed issues with factory photo scene
  • Fixed surface reflections and lighting to update correctly after morphing
  • Fixed various grilles making the game really slow when moving them
  • Reduced flicker of other fixtures while moving one fixture around
  • Various other minor fixes

B170628 Improvements

  • Reworked grid view mode scrolling functionality, improved smoothness
  • Opening car/engine manager list or grid now placed current car at top
  • Brought back exhaust pipes to the game

B170628 Fixes

  • Fixed issue with fixtures being placed lower upon loading a car
  • Fixed bug where any loaded engine would be considered too large
  • Fixed bug where 1/4 mile and 1km times were shown as -1.000s
  • Fixed bug where 0-100 and 80/120 times would be displayed wrong
  • Fixed issues where renaming didn’t work in various places
  • Fixed top speed slider and removed wrong brake bias slider tooltip
  • Fixed front and rear angle slider functionality
  • Fixed issue with suspension presets not setting ride height correctly

B170629 Improvements

  • Added turbo sounds to engine testing
  • Revised engine exhaust heat model

B170629 Fixes

  • Fixed issue with model and car body selection

B170703 Improvements

  • Added test track split times

B170703 Fixes

  • Removed wrong tooltips on design tab of final testing page
  • Fixed top bar not applying engine changes correctly till change made
  • Fixed carbs spawning at center of engine
  • Fixed boost graph for imperial units
  • Fixed cars not loading engine meshes when first loaded
  • Fixed turbo preset effects on engine meshes
  • Fixed some vent / grille fixtures staying red when they should not

B170707 Improvements

  • Improved engine testing page UI layout and functionality
  • Added more error logging to track down remaining crashes
  • Added 12 more car bodies and variants
  • Added greenscreen photoscene
  • Updated to latest versions of all texts / translations

B170707 Fixes

  • Fixed UI formatting on test track page
  • Fixed issue where the year was set to 2017 making new engine
  • Fixed (potentially) turbos always glowing on specific graphics settings
  • Fixed issue with behavior of top bar year controls in engine designer
  • Fixed and updated credits page
  • Fixed various car body issues
  • Fixed weight balance display on design overview tab
  • Fixed chassis tab issues with some tooltip coloring
  • Fixed wheel profile height not being given in steps of 5
  • Fixed the one and only badge fixture
  • Fixed stat coloring in sidebar for economy using mpg or km/L
  • Fixed default chassis track width
  • Fixed carbs loading incorrectly when used with turbos
  • Fixed wheels tab to be front / rear instead of rear / front
  • Fixed solid axle rear hovering above the ground
  • Fixed cloned trims not having a thumbnail
  • Fixed trim car bodies not auto-adjusting their height when selected
  • Fixed bug with engine reliability calculations
  • Fixed UI issue with backing out of a fixture family
  • Temporarily disabled unused buttons on details stats page



One word:


In all of Seriousness,I hope that the Unreal port to be a really good game.I have question though,will the change to UE4 be permanent or will the current engine be used in the future?

  1. this thread is mostly about bugsand the discussion of bugs and not inputs/recommendation.
  2. you mean the current kee engine. afaik it will be left behind completely.

okay. so the update hasn’t been done yet right?

but i can’t open automation anymore right now. though i dunno if it has anything to do with UE4.

these 2 warnings suddenly popped up. never before had it done so.

what happened

and then after i click ‘OK’

then the usual launcher pops up. i click ‘play game’ and it just closes after opening an automation window for a few seconds.

what i have tried :
both open beta or not doesn’t make a difference.
tried windowed mode, still the same
the setting said i’m on 1366x768p resolution. but it shows that 720p warning anyway.
tried deleting the automation folder. nah. same result

was going to try changing resolution… but it’s gone

what i think may or may not have caused it :

there’s a windows update in the middle of the night when i was sleeping.

i’d recommend everyone who hasn’t got their win10 update, don’t update yet. i dunno what the impact is. but i think it’s somehow related. just take the safe route for now. it is not confirmed yet.


I have a question about paint before we start the Open Beta: will we have selectable flake color with strength?, as I saw it on earlier UE4 Dev Update, as well as earlier paint color testing video in the Automation Facebook page.


Nah, no flake colour, it just didn’t work well.


The new beta just finished downloading and the first thing I see is a warning from my AV.

This version loaded for me super quick, about 3 seconds.


Can anyone help me?


Is 50 minutes long enough for “half an eternity” to load the game? It’s installed on an SSD. At the start it used about 270 MB of RAM, after a few minutes reduced to 110 MB and probably all the time uses up to 4% of the CPU. The window is still just all black.


ive noctied alot of crashes with certian things like when i hot 4x4 it crashes or if i put the badge on the car it crashes its beta tho so im not mad just abit dissapointed i cant play very well without crashes and have to wait 10 mins to load the game aslo when i hit new model it tends to hang for a good 2 mins


I’ve got this too.

Snooped around and discovered while the Global Shader Cache file for Shader Model 5.0 (DX11) is present (GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM5.bin), it’s DX10 compatible Shader Model 4.0 counterpart is not as the engine error so kindly points out.

So basically if your GPU does not support DX11 it won’t run because this required file for DX10 compatibility isn’t present in this build.

However in theory the devs will giveth unto us the Shader Model 4.0 Global Shader Cache file in the next build so that we Toaster-bound DX10 plebs may enjoy the CILF (Code I’d like to F***) Unreal Engine 4.

By the way I’m talking out of my ass, correct me If i’m wrong devs.


Unfortunately, the game crashes every time I try to revise a certain car. However, I don’t know yet whether it’s only an issue with this specific car or a general problem. It’s quite annoying though.:weary:


Thanks for the reply, but the problem is that I have DX11 on my computer :grimacing:


Sure, but does your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Itself actually support it?

For example I have it installed too via Windows 7, however my GMA 4500m GPU only supports up to DX10.

If my previous post hypothesis is correct, for the time being only all of the following will be able to play the Unreal 4 version until the devs add DX10 compatibility.

All Nvidia Geforce cards 400 series and newer
All ATI Radeon cards HD 5000 series and newer
All Intel HD Graphics paired with Ivy Bridge (HD 4000) and newer

When the devs decide to add DX10 compatibility, the compatible list would be revised to this

All Nvidia Geforce cards 8000 series and newer
All ATI Radeon cards HD 2000 series and newer
All Intel GMA graphics GPUs X3500/X3100 and newer


The “Oldest” machine i managed to play it on was with a i5-3320m and a HD4000 Unit.

Please post HW-Specs if you encounter these problems!

Known to work configurations: i5-3320M, HD4000 Athlon X4 860k, R7 260X Athlons X8-7650k, R7 250 (iGPU) i7-6700HQ, GTX960M i7-6700k, GTX1080


Can tally my machine in with an inability to start.

Intel Xeon E5645, nVidia GTX 275, running Windows 7 x64 SP1.

I know the card is DX10 only.

I get the same message as described above, that there’s a missing global shader cache file.


Just downloaded the open beta and tried it. I had crashes revising a car, editing engine, editing paint, adding engines to a car. This is the error dialog that I got when the game crashed

Is the file directory mentioned in error dialog location of the crash log? I can provide it if it is needed.

Also in the Unreal version, molding body shapes and fixtures is hard; it resizes too fast, and it won’t resize on certain angle unlike in the Key engine.

It’s kind of unplayable right now, but I’ll be patient for future bug fixes and features :wink:


Please fill in stuff. Questions via PM. I will gather up data in a nice and clean fashion :slight_smile:

@Madrias As it currently seems the game will only run with DX11/SM5 cards or above. Maybe the devs will do a SM4 compatability fix for it - UE4 does support SM4/D3D10 cards if i remember it correctly. Its just a matter of compiling it and adding the libraries, which might lead to extra work.

Don’t forget to file bug reports with ways to produce the bug. (IF your game starts - and if its game breaking - small stuff is not too important ATM!) - If your game does not start, please add your PC Config, OS etc. here so we can figure something out.


Don’t speed up the playback speed in the test track really rapidly like I did

First you’ll get some really big RPM number like this:

And then Automation borks and does this:

You’ll also get some sort of weird engine noise, either the engine at a certain RPM constantly or barely anything.


As I wrote above, it gets stuck at a black window doing seemingly nothing (very minimal RAM and processor usage, when I tried to run it again the RAM usage dropped to just a few MB) for at least 50 minutes. My spec:

Athlon II X3 440
Radeon R9 380
Windows 10 Creators Update (compilation number 15063.296, 64 bit of course)
both system and the game installed on the SSD