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UE4 Open Beta Discussion / Bugs


I still have that issue! I can’t design in the UE4 sandbox mode. It will let me design engines in the challenges though.


Why do both of these badges exist?


Because you can never get enough of Automation!


Also, the carbon fiber material for race twin direct injection is fucked.

Edit: Also have found that changing the compression doesn’t do shit. Nothing changes. Hecc.
Edit 2: No slider functions in the engine editor anymore, fricc, but backing out and coming back in fixed it. Strange.


That’s a bug from loading/creating another engine to replace one already in the car. Stats don’t change unless you exit the designer than reload the car.


The clone trim button isn’t working on in the car designer listing.

Edit - When I opened a car, press the car button, at the top of the screen, to select a different one then the clone button worked. Exiting to the car designer page now also works.

Exiting the game and restarting it makes the clone trim button inoperative again!


Got some issues with a couple of lights. The latter one is with all variants.


That’s some broken tail-light you’ve got there! :smile:


I’m also having some light issues, related to the first light fixture shown in carlover’s post. One of my cars has these tailights, which should be as follows;

However, when I reload the game, or when I go to Photo Mode with the setup seen above, the lights change to an all-orange version, based in the “Lexus” variant of them;

If I change the lights back to what they were and go to the Photo Mode, said changes are reverted. So there’s no way to keep the lights as-is within the Photo Mode. I don’t know if the same thing happens with the Lexus version of these light fixtures, as I haven’t tested those yet.


50sSedanLarge-Ute has a towing capacity of 0lb…or 0kg!

Actually it looks like most of the early cars can’t pull the skin off of custard!


Currently, if the towing capacity is lower than 500kg it is set to zero, because less than 500 kg is useless anyway. Check if gearing and power are okay for the task at hand, especially first gear height can destroy towing. Also, towing is not considered balanced in any way :stuck_out_tongue: haven’t gotten around to that yet.


That explains why my 1.5 ton truck has 0 towing capacity… lol


I don’t know how niggling you want to get over the details, but a step side shouldn’t have wheel arches in the bed.




A constraint of the underlying chassis models I’m afraid.
They would poke through rather unattractively without the wheelarch to cover it


This mirror has only some of its edges sharpened