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UE4 Open Beta Discussion / Bugs


Thanks I’ll just set it on both.

@ramthecowy the thing is I’m not sure which one is being used. On one hand the game runs smoothly to start with but I usually get fps counter when using the dedicated card, which I’m not getting now.

Edit: @ramthecowy My suspicions were right. It was actually using the integrated card. Just changed default processor on both and it’s working better now, also with fps counter.


Just out of curiosity, are you using an Nvidia or an AMD GPU?


Some shadow weirdness + a happy realisation that fuel caps can have other uses. Could also be used to represent pop up headlights.

I also just had an idea. You could fake an interior with a shader. Some games do that for houses already. Sim CIty’s buildings’ windows have a material with a cubemap that looks like it’s inside the model. I think Cities: Skylines does as well, but the effect is more noticeable and convincing in Sim City. It won’t look good from every angle though but potentially it could look better than completely black windows.


It seems the Nvidia Optimus Drivers to weird stuff with the Automation UE4 build. Would explain why a Intel HD530 iGPU would be faster than a GT820 or GT840m!


Nvidia gtx 960m


just find two more bugs
1st> If i clone a trim inside the grid based list, that trim won’t show up in the sandbox menu

2nd> weird engine efficiency curve when exceed 11300rpm
(edit:it seems that it is not the rpm that matter, it is when engine rpm goes up, if the efficiency percentage has hit 0, it bounce back to positive number again)


Adding quality to the suspension does not save. If I had +3 quality on the suspension, left the game, and then came back, the quality would reset to 0.


I built an engine that will do 12K RPM and didn’t have that efficiency problem.


This isn’t a bug but…

…all of the car models, we currently have, are fitted with mirrors (even the LMP). And we’ve been given a mirror fixture. My initial thought was that the mirror fixture would replace the existing mirror but I was wrong.

None of the car models have fitted exhausts and we don’t have exhaust fixtures!

Am I missing something here? (apart from bottoming out, brake fade and wheelspin values which I won’t mention because it’s been mentioned before! :slight_smile: )


Workaround for fixtures jumping to below the front bumper when trying to scale/flip/mirror them: when you’ve placed it, before doing anything else to it, grab and move it again. It will jump to the front bumper while moving it, but jump immediately back if you keep the mouse button pressed and drag the part some more.

Recap: place roughly where needed, grab again and hold, move a bit, see it flick to the front, don’t let go yet, it should flick back if you keep moving it a bit more, then let go.

I guess the fixture’s coordinates get reset to zero when manipulating it.


do you have any screenshot and information about the engine?

(I just find out that it is not the rpm that matter, it is when engine rpm goes up, if the efficiency percentage has hit 0, it bounce back to positive number again)


999cc 90 degree V6.


I filled out the benchmark survey. Game runs great on my computer. Easily just as good as the old version and definitely much prettier! There are a few exceptions…

There were two crashes in the hour or so I tinkered about. First one I sent the report. I went to Drivetrain tab from engine testing on initial run-through of design and it froze up after selecting RWD. Game completely crashed and car was lost. Next run of designing same car went smoothly, however. Not really sure what happened on first attempt.

Fixtures are far too sensitve. Barely nudge an arrow and it grows/shrinks at exponential speeds making it difficult to get what you really want. Initial fixture placement is sketchy as well. Sometimes it will place it, other times it will not. Most difficult was lips and scoops. I’m pretty sure I have some extra fixtures somewhere in the room, or on the car, but I sure as hell cannot find them. Odd, but I did finally get them all placed.

Photo mode… I’m sure this one was me, but I never got a car to show up on the scene. When switching to a different scene, game seemed to freeze up, but after 30-40 seconds finally succeeded. Still no car, however. I saw a button labeled Fix It!, so I tried that and it crashed the game to desktop. Obviously, because of this I did not include photo mode fps on my benchmark survey. It’s a bit of a learning curve with the new features and I did not spend a tremendous amount of time on any one feature. This part absolutely could have been something I was doing wrong. I made no second attempt on it.


I am very impressed with the UE4 version in terms of looks. I also like the fact that we can build V10s now and go more in depth with color choices for our automobiles.

However, like many have stated before, there are a few bugs. Photo mode will not save any photos (at least I haven’t been able to locate them on my PC anyway). Also, after rotating any vents you place on the vehicle they go back to the default position after going to another screen, like editing the trans, suspension, ect. This issue also happens when going into photo mode. Some fixtures disappear from time to time when going into photo mode.


[quote=“07CobaltGirl, post:116, topic:21182, full:true”] I saw a button labeled Fix It!, so I tried that and it crashed the game to desktop.

Just try it again, maybe with a different car. It crashed for me the first time but hasn’t done so after that except with one car that also crashed when selecting the drivetrain.


The car bodies seem to be “preshaded” which works well if you don’t deform the body, when you do however…


Regarding the bodies introduced in the UE4 release, does that car in the screenshot really use the body of the not-ND MX-5? I can imagine plenty of possibilities with it - once the UE4 version runs smoothly enough for my liking, I’ll create a car using that body and offered with multiple engine configurations, just to see how well it would work with each one.

Edit: @ramthecowy you got it right, so in what year does it first become available in the sandbox? For reference, the real-life car was introduced in 2015. Ah, so it’s unlocked in 2010. Which means that the not-ND body is to the 10s as the not-S2000 body is to the 00s. Thanks for letting me know.


Yes it does



Tried the beta, getting a few crashes over various things but they were all reported. Biggest gameplay issue I’m having so far is the market demographic sections on the design page; either they swap randomly in and out or don’t show up at all. Can’t really say anything else with all the other gameplay stuff already mentioned broken, but it is the beta of a beta, so I can’t complain


Well, actually, this is the Open Beta Discussion / Bugs thread, so the point is to nitpick so things can get found and fixed! The devs want feedback and bugs to be found so they don’t make it into the soon-to-come (hopefully) Public Release. So, please, complain about things you find which aren’t right!! :slight_smile: