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[UE4] Spec Series Racing Build Challenge


As @Elektrycerz says the entry you have provided doesn’t comply with a lot of the rules that were set out in the first post. You may wish to revise your entry as currently it would not be counted.


If anyone wants to help make a track focused version of a city car I made, here are the files: GDrive Link

REQUIRED MODS: Shameless clone - Grill Pack , MDHL - Modular Headlight , and Banana spoiler

No need to credit me if you don’t want to, you can change anything. Also feel free to change it in any way you see fit.


@Adam_Graham, I re-tuned your car. I think it now obeys all of the rules except wheelbase (4cm too long) and body type (sedans are not allowed). You might want to change the body type to a hatchback and hope that @Flamers doesn’t notice the 3cm too long wheelbase :wink:. You can also make further adjustments to the car and submit it as your own, just leave my logo/badge on the back.

From what I can remember, the adjustments were:

  • Re-tuned engine: more power, smoother curves, better reliability, engineering time cut by 0.9 due to removal of VVT (almost not needed)
  • Wider tires and 19 inch rims
  • Total overhaul of brakes, they should now be stronger, better balanced and much less prone to fade
  • Removal of unnecessary overdrive and gear ratio tuning
  • Lowered weight
  • Better suspension (a matter of preference, you might want to stiffen it a bit and add some camber)
  • Minor cosmetic details

City - SpecR-ET.car (29.8 KB)

PS: It’s funny that the car has 4 doors but I only installed 2 seats :thinking:


Here is my submission.

The car was initially designed by me but tuned by the amazing @Elektrycerz!
If there is anything wrong with it please let me know!


Thank you so much for the help. I am always trying to learn more about how to make better cars in Automation and think that seeing what you have done differently will give me an opportunity to learn how to improve!


-sees that event host mentions clio cup cars-
-Martin is Gran turismo reta__ and can’t think without a GT300/500 bodykit-

FWD cup cars? I don’t do that there…

- Wild puma appears -

This is Puma. This cat behind Electronic cage is a beast prepared to teach young racing drivers how it feels to be a true one. If you take off electronic cage, you’re up for Real drive and lesson that without electronic nanny, this cat could cut your throat when you don’t take it seriously.
It have Boxer 6 Naturally Aspired engine producing 182 Horse power. It sound not so much, but together with 921 Kg of mass, this is enough for amateur. Additional fact of Speed 5 sequential gearbox allows for smooth power. Achieving 5.70 to 100 km/h gonna be kick into guts for driver and automated reason to be pumped with adrenaline to feel that you not need Huge engine, This cat have already enough muscles to kill you if you weren’t behind your electronic nanny. Sounds scary? Good, only strong should survive, so they gonna be ready when they get promotion to higher powerful cars that don’t have electronic nannies.

This car achieves 2:19.53 time driven by Automation Representative.

- Pet puma -

What if i told you you can have puma as your pet?
Not a problem, this is Puma for city jungle. It have same Boxer 6 but with tamed 108 Horse power. Remember that this car still weights only 958 Kg and achieves 9.31 seconds to 100 km/h still proving you’re driving a sport car. Perfect to tell your friends you aren’t stuck with granny car like them.
You think, you gonna need fortune for fuel. Wrong, this car drinks 6.7L / 100 km in average, so you can still enjoy having a sport car in your family, like true pet cat. To feel luxurious you have longitudinal FWD drive, Speed 5 automatic gearbox and awesome, yet still city friendly sound from muffler.

This car achieves 2:41.82 time driven by Automation Representative.

So you want one of them? It would be rounded 12000$. Both of them? Rounded 24000$. Yes, you can have Two different cats just for 24000$. One to enjoy city jungle, Second to be soon professional racing driver, so come on and let this cats turn your life into great adventure into motosport.

(Car files gonna be send via PM to host)

I hope it is enough written. :slight_smile:


Testing in progress…


Does the road trim need to have less than 36 months of engineering time? There is no such criteria in the road version requirements. Just to clarify. But I assume that the answer is yes.


You’re probably right, but even if this is not a mistake, it doesn’t really matter - 36ET is enough to make a good road car that will score well.


Yes it is, sorry if I didn’t make that clear :frowning:


Some teasing


There is just over a week left to submit your entries, testing will take place next weekend.


Meijer Presents: The all new 2010 Meijer Hakone R86 and it’s racing version, the Meijer Hakone GT-C.

The standard R86

The Hakone R86 is modern city car made for every day use. It’s looks, not as aggressive as the GT-C, still keep sporty feel with it’s dual exhaust and a mini diffuser at the back. The engine also resemble it’s racing counterpart since the engine’s a eco-tuned version of the racing engine.

And it’s racing counterpart, the Hakone GT-C

Wierdly enough the GT-C model was developed before the R86 was, hence the racing inspired features on the R86. The GT-C is powered by a 2000cc naturally aspirated powerplant revving up to 8200RPM, and is kept on the road by it’s bonkers WTCC-inspired Aero.

R86: Meijer Hakone - R86.car (21.7 KB)
R86S(fixed version of the R86): Meijer Hakone - R86S.car (21.7 KB)

GT-C: Meijer Hakone - GT-C.car (23.2 KB)


Edit 1 :
With some budget constraints, car was tuned and spec were updated.
Edit 2:
Didn’t think engine needs to be 36 as well. Alright thats sorted. Also got a new spec as i had to tune the engine. So the stats have been updated
Viper R1 - Racing version
Easily one of the fastest cars around. The R1 is tuned as per the requirement, equipped 2L turbo engine, it generates a massive 343.4 bhp @ 7100. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and can reach a top speed around 266 km/h. Even though tuned for racing, it still has a fuel efficiency of 14L/100 km.


I have just had a look through and you are 3.2 mpg under the required 30 on the road car, happy for you to just resubmit the road car with a tweak :slight_smile:


Thought it was under the 30 mpg, my bad a new one will becoming soon


Fixed it


Must get at least 30 mpg (UK), 25 mpg (US), 9.2 l/100km

OMG, I need to re-tune the car to match this spec :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Wait a minute…
This site says 30 mpg (UK) should be 9.4 l/100 km


As long as it is close enough I am happy, theres been a few who have been 3-5MPG out which is pretty far :slight_smile:


Wrong way, it need to be higher than 30MPG for the road car :slight_smile: