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[UE4] Spec Series Racing Build Challenge


Amazing to get that kinda stats. How did you ever achieve 400 hp lol.


Alright I need some help.
I’m still new to this game. As stupid as this sounds, Is the Engineering Time unit in months?
Like if Mine says Engineering Time = 37.5, does it mean 37.5 months required? Can somebody clarify asap?


Yes, that means 37.5 months would be required :slight_smile:


I see, thanks for the quick reply man!
@Flamers another question, would we be penalized for using negative quality sliders, or vice versa?


Nope, as long as its within the parameters :slight_smile:


@Flamers Just finished working on the Road Car :smiley:
Let me know if the stats are okay.
Also, is budget a judging criteria here too? Because without the Premium satnav, the car costs less without messing with the stats that much at all.
Anyway, let me know if the stats are okay, I’ll post the car files once i finish working on the track car.


The only rules are the below:

Requirements - Road Car:

Must use the same base engine as the track version
Must have a competitiveness of at least 100 in a minimum of two City/Family/Commuter categories in Gasmea**
Model and trim must be the same year as the track version
Maximum fuel type: Regular
Minimum of 60 reliability
Two wheel drive only
Can not use any Limited Production parts
Maximum cost of $18,000 (0% markup)
Must get at least 30 mpg (UK), 25 mpg (US), 9.2 l/100km

@GetWrekt01 (might not have notified you)


Hey @Flamers! Thanks for the clarification man, and I seem to be off by a little bit for the fuel consumption limit, not a big issue though, just a few tinkers and it should be fine.
Edit: 6.8l/100km now :sunglasses:


A lot of time, and energy moving sliders up and down in different combinations until they did what I wanted.


Awesome… Well done


Idk how but I managed to squeeze out 478 HP out of that tiny engine and twin turbos, while not breaking the rules :expressionless:


@Flamers sorry if I’m bothering you man, I have the same base bodies for both, but can I have moderately different fixtures for each of them? What happened is my game crashed twice while building the car, and the second crash, for some weird reason, caused all the fixtures on my track trim to go crazy and now they’re gone, the Track trim is blank. I don’t think I have the energy to build another fixture set that’ll be identical to the Road trim.


How much turbo lag?
And the hard part isn’t making that much power, it’s controlling all that power within the 18k budget.


The lag’s there for sure, but can’t really balance my economy/perf without this setup either.
Edit: @droya V-TEC doesn’t kick in until 5k RPM :3


Ouch, that’s gonna be an interesting car to drive, mine kicks in at like 3.5 or 4 and then I have power all the way to 9k.


@droya Mine goes stable upto 9.4k then drops a tiny bit. (Before you ask it’s a 9.6k revving engine, I have no clue why I made it this much mad, probably because of the sounds :v)
PS: I was on replying restriction -.-


you’re using a v8 right?


Yes, Exactly 2000 CC DOHC 5 cam/valves Crossplane V8 with twin turbos


aahhh that’s why you aren’t getting low end power, you aren’t using vvl. and i just looked at my power graph, i’m hitting boost with my street car at 2.5k and my race spec is hitting it at 3.5k


I usually use VVL all the time, but the one time I thought I won’t use it, this happens ;-;