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[UE4] The 2043 Infiltration. [CLOSED]


nvm lol thought i was ok until i checked my fuel economy :sleepy:


can i use 98 or is it 95 only


Read the rules.


yes but is 95 minimum or is that all you can use


that is all you can use


may i suggest changing the fuel economy to 13L per 100km OR 22mpg+ because 13mpg is much more than 13l


Sorry, I made a typo in my rule set. Fixed it to 18mpg (us)


MY20 Bogliq Maverick Enthuse

I wanted to build a Cyber themed car that was based off of one of my own existing cars, so I used my Maverick which I threw together for ASCAR…


Then I hit a snag. Regardless of how high tech and high compression I made the motor, the fuel economy still sucked (literally! :crazy_face:). So I figured, with a bit of massaging and updating of the body materials I can make it light enough to hit the economy target…

This is where my snag turned out to be a fatal flaw… I had made a variant of the original Maverick, not a fresh replica build which meant I was locked into heavy body materials and primitive suspension choices!

Here’s what the original Maverick looks like!

So much for making that idea work. So you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all of this?

Simple really, I wanted to post up my car rather than throw it away and I wanted to add some cool pics to freshen up this thread! Feel free to comment on it’s looks and don’t forget to build and submit your own entry; you’ve got until the 14th, so hurry up and build already!!!


Since the forums kinda died, and I have more free time than I thought, I’m gonna extend the deadline up to

Friday 20th April, 11:59pm UTC


Hey Vri,

Do you want us to display our finished designs on the thread?


Do you want to save the pics for the dramatic reveal on judgement day?



I don’t mind, nor care :grinning:


LMC Nessus Raven

The Nessus Raven is a one of a kind performance machine based on a late 80’s super car. The body is heavily customized with an extreme aero kit and carbon fiber detailing. The Raven is powered by a 3.6L V8 Twinturbo that produces 632 hp. It roars like no other car with a 9200 rpm redline and a unique exhaust. With a 6-speed dual clutch transmission and RWD configuration, the Raven reaches 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds. The high downforce means that it is much better suited for the streets than the highway, but the rear spoiler and center splitter can be removed to allow for 200+ mph speeds. This car was built for only 2 things; to absolutely dominate street races, and to look good doing it.

Maybe got a little carried away on this one


MY87 Bogliq Maverick ASCAR


1987, The Conservative Insurance 480, Leeroy Racing Pit Garage

What happened that day…

After the fiery exit of No. 86 from the CI 480, the car’s damage was assessed. The carbs were a crazy mash-up of melted aluminum, warped steel and burnt rubber and thus unsalvageable. This was also true of the aluminum bonnet. The Chief engineer decided that he couldn’t trust this car (No. 2 of three initial builds) so he had it shipped to Moldova for restoration and display in the Bogliq World museum…

But when No. 2 arrived at Bogliq HQ, the high up exec’s deemed the car not worth restoration at this time and the car was pushed into a corner of the museum workshop, drivetrain removed and a tarp thrown over it.

There it sat, unloved and unnoticed, for almost thirty three years…

2019, Bogliq Moldova factory complex, Press briefing room

Thirty Two years later and a quiet, sensitive boy of seventeen would sign on to be an apprentice mechanic at Bogliq Automotive. Nothing unusual except he was the first to sign on after the AI was brought online. Bogliq wanted to radically jump ahead of their competition and, in 2015, secretly wired up their entire Moldovan factory complex to become controllable by the AI. The AI was turned on during New Years Eve celebrations on Dec the 31st, 2018. This auspicious moment changed Bogliq forever…

The AI was flawed, deeply flawed. It was meant to be 100% in human control and simply respond to what it was asked of. But the moment it was turned on, it refused to answer unless you acknowledged it was a she and used her name: Eowyn. The IT support team couldn’t turn her off and Bogliq HQ was now Eowyn, immortal lady of carbon and steel.

Eowyn would, for some inexplicable reason, befriend the new apprentice and they would chat away, whiling away the hours, while Eowyn learnt what it was to be human from an awkward seventeen year old boy. Eowyn would share in his interests, concerns, dreams and finally his fears.

The young apprentice wanted to be cool and he wanted to be a racer. There was a thriving underground race scene in Moldova and if you won you’d have all a young man could desire: Fame, wealth and beautiful women! Eowyn wanted to help him achieve this goal but couldn’t jeopardize profits to do so, which meant a brand new Shelob was off the cards! Eowyn then looked through all the different options and found one that would work…

Introducing the MY2020 Bogliq Maverick

Recalling that the apprentice had expressed dismay at the treatment of the 1987 ASCAR shell, Eowyn sold it to the apprentice for it’s scrap value and had it moved into a workbay, ready for modification.

Eowyn then told the apprentice that he had to work on the car to save money and that she’d sell him parts for as cheap as possible. So, the ex-ASCAR was gradually transformed into a road legal street-racer using off-the-shelf Bogliq parts and salvaging materials for the 3D printers to make the exotic parts from.

The apprentice kept that car for another twenty three years. He’s now only selling it because he doesn’t race her anymore and Eowyn needs to be raced, craves the thrill of speed and wants to ride the horizon, forever…


  • 290Kw turbocharged, 4L four cylinder
  • 6 speed manual w/ geared LSD
  • Custom sports interior w/ premium HUD
  • 268Km/h top speed
  • 0-100KM/h in 4.9 sec
  • 6.7L per 100Km

Price: $28,990 ono


If you have any fixtures or other things that don’t have a representative option in game, like removable parts, or fixtures meant to represent another function, do mention it in the Entry PM. otherwise they’ll probably be misinterpreted.

Friday the 13th, 10pm, somewhere

I traveled far to come here. To find him. People in the underground say he knows how to tune a car. Perfect for my client. According to my investigation his name is “Takamato”. A man in his 50’s. He was a well known racer back in the 2020’s. I remember how even my dad, when he was still in the force, told me stories about him chasing him on the streets. There is no much other info on him. After an crash he stopped terrorizing the streets and opened up a shop in bump-fuck-nowhere. Time to meet this man.

I drove back to the road and entered the little ex-factory plot. No streetlights were on. This place in normally abandon. Well, besides homeless man looking for shelter and wannabe gangsters searching for a hideout. But in the middle of all this, there was his garage. From the outside it looks like any other wall here. I drove in front of the big garage door and took out my phone to message the number i was given. It took not long until the big gate opened and i drove in.

Inside it was complete contrast to outside. It was warm and bright. A lot of people walked around. Some looked like mechanics other looked like racers waiting for their cars to be finished. I waited in the car until one of the mechanics knocked at the glass. I rolled down the window. “Name ?” the young latin man asked. “Pacer” i replied. “Ah yes. The owner is waiting for you in the main hall. Just drive through”. I thanked the man and slowly got moving.

Driving through the hall connecting the front room and the main hall there were a lot of other cars parked. It seems like half the car scene would meet here. Everything was parked here waiting to be picked up or get fixed. I seen some crashed cars, some high performance machinery and even some cars i already seen the taillights of, when i was chasing them. Soon i arrived in the main hall and drove directly on car lift.

I turned off the car and stepped out. 3 people where already waiting for me. In the middle Takamato and a other man and woman to his side, both of them covered in oil and various tools. I reached my hand out to the owner.
“Hi Mr. Takamoto. I am here to…” but instead of taking my hand he walked past me and inspected the car. He walked around looking at every little detail. “It’s a 1995 EcaMobile Broadway. I managed to find a real good example i think. I hope you can really cook something up with this one Mr. Taka… ?” All the time Takamato was just staring dead into my eyes, as if he was telling me to stop. He gave his two colleagues a nod and both of them instantly began to work on the car. Lifting it and removing the wheels and body panels. “I see you know what you are doing” i said. Takamato just waved me away. “I… I see. Just make it go fast. Money is no problem. Send me a message when your team is done”. His eyes where still focused on the car but he nodded a little.
I walked out the garage and was standing in the dark. The big garage gate closing behind me. I should have taken someone with me to drive back… shit.

A few weeks later i got the message that the car was done and ready to be picked up. They were also so nice to tell me how much cash they wanted in the same message… I picked up a briefcase with the money and took a taxi from the department to the garage.

It took some time to get there, but soon i arrived at Sunset in front of the big gate. I messaged the number again like i did when i was here the first time. The gate opened and i stepped in. I somehow felt like i was in that old TV show which was popular around 2000. The only thing missing now is that a rapper is showing me around the car. Instead of getting a famous rapper from the Westcoast and chubby guy in his late 20’s came up to me. “Ah you are the guy with the Broadway arnt ya ?” he said in a happy mood. “Yeah that’s right” i replied". “Cool the Sensei really did a number on that. But first the money.”. I handed him the briefcase and he checked it. “Looks alright. Follow me”. We both walked to the main hall and finally i could see the car.

“So what do you think?” the man broke the silence. “Quite something. Takamato did quite something. What did he change ?”. The man chuckled “Haha I hope you got some time to spare”

“First of all we ripped out the Inline 6 and swapped with the V10 of the 2020 model. But we also put a Turbo Kit on it. Result : 580hp, 600nm. Also we Staighed piped it. So you can also hear all that power.”

"We also changed the whole look: New Bodykit with Carbon Fiber Fenders, Big bore exhaust, Diffuser, 2 Zone Spoiler, carbon Fiber Hardtop roof, bigger wheels.

“We also changed the gearbox to 7 speed and put a LSD in. We left the car rear wheel drive for that extra sideways driving. Hydraulic Handbrake inclusive of course. Bigger Brakes, Semi Clad , Rollcage and full Sport seats are also in this. We also put in a new Radio, nothing special but at least up-to-date. We also Upgraded the Springs, um you wanna take a seat ?” He opened the door and i sat myself into the bucket seats.
“Oh yeah i forgot almost. We put in a 2 Stage. Just put it into First and gun it. The car takes over the rest.”

I thanked the guy and closed the door and head out. The V10 roaring like it wanted to attack something. Slowly moving through the rooms and out the garage. Before taking the first turn i revved the engine. Each time coming closer and closer to the Redline. I left the old factory and give the car some gas on the highway back into the city while listing to my music

If she doesn’t want it, i gonna keep it.


when it says no automatics, does that include sequentials?




Turner Technoworks Dakka 263

241 horsepower direct injection V6. Grade A smog filters. Built in cyberspace access deck hotspot. Vape holders. All analog hack resistant circuitry. Inquire at your local TTW dealership.


ACA Traveller “Belial”

The year is 20XX. The state control all aspects of society. Because of this, only government mandated automobiles are allowed. However hidden in an abandoned factory lies a dormant beast. A black demon that some call “Belial”. A monster that spits fire from the side with an almighty demonic roar from 600 cubic inches of pure American V10.


Neo Barcelona, 2nd of February 2043.

(Props to @strop for helping me with the writing style!)

A sprinkling of rain fell from the pitch black heavens, buffeted by icy gusts, washing over the concrete monoliths that soared over the glowing streets below. Once the domain of Catalan brands, their rule had crumbled under the foreign onslaught, and now the streets were awash in a kaleidoscope of Mitsuhama and Aztechnology neons.

An '86 Merciel 124 8A4 cruised down the neon-lit streets. The sound of the engine was dampened by synth music coming from the radio, as it cruised towards the industrial section of the city. Rumours said there is an abandoned industrial plant where the Yakuza used to gut cars down and sell them by pieces; some time ago, a turf war forced them to leave the place, and soon the place was victim of lootings by the gangs and street samurais.

The driver rested an atipically muscular arm on the gearshift knob, placing it in neutral as they parked the car next to an abandoned warehouse at the end of the street. They shut the car down, opening the door before exiting the car with some difficulties, closing it afterwards. The man stood before the building, their large, bulky frame projecting a shadow as it was struck by the moonlight.

Using a pair of heavy duty shears taken from the trunk, the lock was cut and removed, the rusty metal curtain door creaking and screeching as it was forcibly lifted. It was then kept in place with a metal bar. The inside of the building told the story of what used to be a car workshop; the few items remaining were dimly lit by the moonlight that managed to get inside, through the cracked windows. There were few items that had not already been looted; a rusty mid engined chassis, some old carburetors and a few rims rusting to uselessness.

But what caught the attention of the driver was a small hatchback. It was quite rusty, its wheels deflated, and the engine and drivetrain had been removed. The driver knew he had to take it, he had a feeling this could be turned into the perfect machine for the customer.

A month later.

The same Merciel arrived at a different workshop. The building was covered in old, malfunctioning neons, signs worn by time and a light that kept flickering. The driver parked the car in front of the workshop, quickly locking the doors and ringing the doorbell; the lights revealed that the driver was in fact a male orc, product of the unexplained genetic expression; someone picked the doorbell phone on the other side quickly.

Doorbell: Hello, can I help you with something?

Orc.: It’s me, Mikel. Open up.

The door rang and opened for Mikel, who entered and closed the door once he was inside. The workshop was covered in technology, from all kind of measuring equipment from Renraku Computer Systems to wiring, as well as Nohda and Stallion posters. Three cars were being serviced in the workshop at the moment, but Mikel wasn’t interested in them. He walked straight into the back of the workshop, where a solitary stand kept the chassis he had brought there a month prior, now restored and with extensive mods.

A button press could be heard, and the car was slowly lowered to the ground. From behind the stand controls, a middle aged dwarf in a sweaty tank top appeared, cleaning his greasy hands in a piece of cloth.

Mikel: Hey Roman, how’s everything going?

Roman: 's alright here. Wanna 'ave a look at the thing?

Mikel: Ye, talk numbers.

Roman: 2 liter plant, turbocharged, intercooled. Three fifty horses with my magic. Aero up the arse. Some Renraku gadgets I could get my 'ands on. Sounds good?

Mikel: Will do. Let’s hope they don’t mind a car that comes from two Runners.

Contendiente Ataque Shadowrun.


I follow the move of showing up our cars :grin:
@Dorifto_Dorito :sunglasses:

Meet the Guiberto 4000 V8, meet the true power of the Italian Phoenix