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[UE4] The 2043 Infiltration. [CLOSED]


Megacorp SMSC1 ‘Jackhammer’


Since I’m lazy, I’ll give another 12 or so hours for entries, then I’ll close up shop, do final checks, and hopefully get stuck into reviews & results.


Right, Guess we’re closed.

Results’ll be done when they’re done.


Hold on a second, shouldn’t it be open for a few hours more? 11:59 PM is one minute to midnight which means it shouldn’t close until the 21st in the eastern hemisphere.


While I wait for a Fixed entry, I’m gonna throw some stats at ya from the 15 Entries

Most Common Engine Type: 90 Degree V8 (8 Entries)
Least Common Engine Type: Inline 4/90 Degree V6 (2 Entries each)

Largest Displacement: 9993cc/10L
Smallest Displacement: 1998cc/2L

Most Common Drivetrain: RWD (10 Entries)
Least Common Drivetrain: FWD (1 Entry)

Most Common Gearbox: 6 Speed Manual (4 Entries)
Least Common Gearbox 7 Speed DCT/5 Speed Manual (2 Entries Each)

Most Power: 563kw
Least Power: 180kw

Heaviest: 1864kg
Lightest: 1296kg

I also calculated some Averages!

Average Displacement: 4433.6®cc
Average Power: 392.13®kw
Average Weight: 1573.93®kg

Even. More. Averages. These ones are Stat averages.

Average Driveability: 60.27
Average Sportiness: 60.18
Average Comfort: 15.59
Average Prestige: 48.44
Average Safety: 49.77
Average Fuel Economy: 10.78
Average Reliablity: 72.75
Average Price: $29,361


Could you follow this up with median values, please? :stuck_out_tongue:


That one’s gonna be a tad harder to calculate :stuck_out_tongue: I will genuinely see if Excel can do that.

It can. So, have some Medians.

Median Displacement: 3998cc/4L
Median Power: 410kw
Median Weight: 1523kg
Median Drive: 58.2
Median Sport: 63.6
Median Comfort: 14.3
Median Prestige: 47.7
Median Safety: 50.2
Median Fuel Eco: 11.7L/100km
Median Reliablity: 73.7
Median Price: $29,631


I … didn’t expect this to actually happen. I’m officially impressed.


so…you said wednesday right


One day.



At this point I’m not even bothered. I realised awhile ago that the car I entered was pretty terrible because I got excited about hp numbers and forgot to make it good.





The 2043 Infiltration Prelim Judging

A breeze flutters the curtains by the open window. The television plays the news silently in the background. There’s a beep, and a PDA lights up. The glow lights the room. 04:37. Mika groans, lifting herself from her slumber. Her “Roommate” is passed out on the floor, either drunk or spaced out on drugs. She rushes quickly to her room, and dresses herself. The PDA is grabbed off the table, and she’s out the door.

“So, where are we heading?” She asks the driver of the Patrol car.
“Sakura District. The collections committee have found some cars for you, and you get to choose which one to use.” She buries herself back into her PDA, running through the case files. The patrol car slows, turning into a side street. It moves, weaves, back and forth through the alleys, avoiding the ‘scum’ that live in these back streets. It then stops, and the door opens.

“Your stop, ma’am.” Mika climbs out of the patrol vehicle, and steps towards the door she was dumped in-front of. It begins to move, and she spies a rather surly looking man opening the gate.
As she steps through, the gate is instantly slammed back shut. The lights turn on, and it lights a path that seems to curve down, underground. She begins to walk down the path, the Surly man watching her every move. As she comes out of the tunnel, she sees the effort of the team. 15 different, and unique custom cars, sitting in the garage, waiting for her to decide.

@BoostandEthanol – Katana
She steps towards the first car, a low slung sports car of sorts. She pulls up her PDA and scans the identification tag attached. Katana, Mid-engine rear wheel drive. 2.5L V6, at 60 degree angle. 373kw, twin turbo chargers. She takes a quick glance inside, 2 seats, Buckets. Basic Heads-up display. Looks good, not too out there, but not too exciting. She then pulls up the power curve. Oh, what the hell is this? She thinks. The power peaks at 8,700 rpm, yet the engine seems to continue revving to 10,000rpm for no other reason. That sours the entire car to her, so she has to pass on it
Conclusion: Pass due to strange engine decision

@Chickenbiscuit – LMC Nessus Raven
She moves on to the second car. It’s another low-slung sports car. She scans the id tag again. Leviathan Nessus Raven. Mid-engine rear wheel drive. 3.5L V8 at 90 degree angle. 473kw, twin turbo chargers. She likes how it looks, it is over-the-top, but in a positive way, with all the crazy at all the right points, however it all seems brute forced, ham-fisted. Inside are a simple 2 seats, and a very basic infotainment system, it’s nice, but a tad basic. She pulls up the power curve, and it is sharp. The torque kicks in hard and there seems to be a tad excessive redline. It might be fine, if nothing else can do better
Conclusion: It’s a maybe

@Madrias – Sinistra Sinistar
Woah, what the ever-loving fuck is this? She thinks, as she approaches the rather odd-looking box. She doesn’t even bother scanning the tag, because the looks confuse her. It’s over the top in the wrong places, the wheels are far too big, and what went wrong on that T-top. She’s not enthused about the box, and moves on.
Conclusion: Far too unsightly to be taken seriously, whoever found that needs to be fired.

@HighOctaneLove – Bogliq Maverick ASCAR Cyber
She moves on to the next car, a blue race car? Well, the blue tells her it’s a Bogliq. She knows that colour when she sees one. She scans the id tag, anyway. Bogliq Maverick ASCAR. Front Engined rear wheel drive. 4L inline 4, 291kw. Single Turbo charger. She starts looking closer at the car. She adores it. The way it evokes the look of an old ASCAR, the way it stands itself, just sitting here. Inside is sporty, as she expected. Heads-up display is a nice touch. She brings up the power curve. It’s sharp, but It can be managed with some throttle control. She likes it
Conclusion: She’ll test drive it later

@MasterDoggo – Guiberto 4000 V8
The next car was… odd. An over-the-top looking Mid engined sports car. It’s not as bad as that other thing, but it still seems to be, well, over designed. The back pipes don’t really make that much logical sense, and seem to clutter the rear end. She would’ve preferred it if it had normal exhausts. It’s not worth much more, in her eyes.
Conclusion: Too over the top, especially at the back.

@KA24DET – 10010011001
Holy mother of Chrome. She was rather shocked at the sheer number of little bits and features on it. She scanned the tag. [Binary error] Uh, okay. Well, it’s a unique looking thing, but it’d draw a bit too much attention to her. Maybe if it was less shiny
Conclusion: Shiny and Chrome is not the way forward with this

@Accent – Turner Technoworks Dakka 263
She likes it already. Blue paint, and expert crafting. The small things, the blades on the back, the piped cooler. It’s nice. She scans the tag Turner Technoworks Dakka 263. Front Engined, All Wheel Drive. 3L Vee 6, 180kw. She likes it, and takes a glance inside. Four full seats, and some nice leather, too. It’s another to look back on
Conclusion: Forward to Victory

@Urbanliner – Ninomiya Rampage
She’s not the biggest fan. The design evokes some strange urge to just leave, and the wheels are way too small on it to even be logical, especially around New Tokyo.
Conclusion: No Thanks (Small Tyres seem to make me think Min-max)

@Mikonp7 – Ecamobile Broadway Tuned
This thing. She’s had a run-in with a similar car before, almost killed her. Bias aside, she likes it. The Carbon Convertible is a nice touch, it’s a complex but well done design. She scans the tag. Ecamobile Broadway Tuned. Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive. 4L Vee 10. 432kw, Twin Turbo Chargers Well then. She glances inside, and it’s a barebones, but expected job.
Conclusion: To the next path

@Conan – Mitsushita Karna Touring
Mitsushita, common brand, so this should fit in nicely, maybe. She scans the attached tag. Mitsushita Karna Touring. Front Engine, All Wheel Drive. 4.3L Vee 10, 518kw. Twin Turbo Chargers. She takes a glance at the interior, 2 front, 3 rear bench. Maybe overkill for what she needs, but whatever.
Conclusion: My next lot is getting bigger.

@Mr.Computah – Conte Ataque Shadowrun
This is one of those Shadow Built machines. She’s not too confident, due to her run-ins with those folk before. The Wings are neat, and the stance of it is aggressive. She scans this one’s tag. Conte Ataque Shadowrun. Front Engine, Front Wheel Drive. 2L Inline 4, 260kw, Single Turbo Charger. Well, that confirms that it was a runner car, so it has a small bit of heat attached to it, wonderful. She takes a quick glance inside, and 2 full seats great her, with a rear bench (If you can call it that)
Conclusion: Taking the Shadow and running

*** @Dorifto_Dorito - ACA Traveller Belial***
She knows this car. She hunted the owner for months. Guess they took it out of Storage finally. She doesn’t even need to scan the tag to know the details. “Belial. Front Engined, Rear Wheel Drive. 10L Vee 10, 530kw, Twin Turbos. I know you well.” She doesn’t need to know more.
Conclusion: A rival is in her grasp

@Chipskate – Vinson Dominator
It’s large, and seems very American. It has some interesting and unique graphics, too. She scans the tag. Vinson Dominator. Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive. 6.1L Vee 8, 410kw. She takes a peer into the interior of the Dominator. 4 full seats, and a well done interior. She likes it.
Conclusion: Dominated its way to the next leg

@TheCarLover – Megacorp SMSC1 ‘Jackhammer’
Like getting a custom birthday card from your Boss. Megacorp is one of those “We are everything” corporations in and around New Tokyo. No Surprise someone messed with an older one. But god damn did they do it well. She takes a quick scan of the tag. Megacorp SMSC1 ‘Jackhammer’. Mid Engine, Rear Wheel Drive. 5.6L V8, 348kw, Twin Turbo Chargers. It’s nice. Inside can only be 2 seats, and her thought was confirmed.
Conclusion: Yes.

@TheElt – BM Spaciex Reduex
A fucking Minivan? Really? She wondered what kind of joke this was. She scanned the tag anyway, since it was there. BM Spaciex Reduex. Front Engine, All Wheel Drive. 4.5L Vee 8, 464kw, Twin Turbo Chargers. Now that she’s closer, it makes even less sense, and that’s why she’s considering it.
Conclusion: Why the actual fuck not.

You can thank @Mr.Computah for forcing convincing me to finish this.


Honestly, the judgement is pretty reasonable. That engine was awful, big regrets about submitting that.


Thank you for actually bothering to finish this competition. I’d like to know the details of the machines that did not have them, though.

About my car… well, I started to dislike the front (which I apparently wanted it to be a mix of the R32 or the new NSX and the old NSX). However, I’d like to hear the definition of “min-maxing” in Automation and how to avoid it, as I did not have the intents to break the rules or anything.
EDIT: Wait, where did “min-maxing” and tire width come from? I couldn’t see that in the rules. I’d like to see where is that written, so I can better understand more of your judgement. (again, I know the design was not good, the only thing I’d object to is the tire width min-maxing thing)





She was tired. She’d gone home, and had a rest. Her roommate was still spaced out on the floor. Mika, wiping her face, moved to check over her “shortlist.” From 15 cars, to 9. So much for short she thought. She instantly cut the Dakka, Karna, and Dominator from her list. She wasn’t the happiest, but what was done was done. Mika made a quick call to Collections, and asked for the remaining cars to be delivered to a small garage near Shibuya. Maverick, Broadway, Conte, ACA, Jackhammer, and BM. A Motley crew of automobiles, no one car the same as the other. She guesses it’s time to see just what each of these cars can do around Shibuya. She starts with the top of the Pile, the Maverick.

@HighOctaneLove - Bogliq Maverick ASCAR Cyber

@Mikonp7 - Ecamobile Broadway Tuned

@Mr.Computah - Conte Ataque Shadowrun

@Dorifto_Dorito - Belial

@thecarlover - Megacorp SMSC1 ‘Jackhammer’

@TheElt - BM Spaciex Redeux

Well, she didn’t expect that. The Spaciex was the fastest, but it’s not what she wants. The Megacorp is close, however, she decided on the Ecamobile. It was fast, loud, and fun to drive.

Winner: Ecamobile
2nd: Megacorp
3rd: Conte
4th: Spaciex
5th Maverick
6th: Belial

Sorry for the shit results, but It needed to be done.


Well, since I was expecting to be canned in the first round, making it all the way to the final nine then coming 5th overall is a really nice result!

Thanks Vri for the interesting competition, even if I had to wait a bit longer than usual to find out my results!


And the understatement of the century goes to!

Seriously though, this was fun. A nice design challenge too, and it was quite fun actually trying to work with Automation to get the style needed.