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[UE4] The 2043 Infiltration. [CLOSED]


Megacorp SMSC1 ‘Jackhammer’


Since I’m lazy, I’ll give another 12 or so hours for entries, then I’ll close up shop, do final checks, and hopefully get stuck into reviews & results.


Right, Guess we’re closed.

Results’ll be done when they’re done.


Hold on a second, shouldn’t it be open for a few hours more? 11:59 PM is one minute to midnight which means it shouldn’t close until the 21st in the eastern hemisphere.


While I wait for a Fixed entry, I’m gonna throw some stats at ya from the 15 Entries

Most Common Engine Type: 90 Degree V8 (8 Entries)
Least Common Engine Type: Inline 4/90 Degree V6 (2 Entries each)

Largest Displacement: 9993cc/10L
Smallest Displacement: 1998cc/2L

Most Common Drivetrain: RWD (10 Entries)
Least Common Drivetrain: FWD (1 Entry)

Most Common Gearbox: 6 Speed Manual (4 Entries)
Least Common Gearbox 7 Speed DCT/5 Speed Manual (2 Entries Each)

Most Power: 563kw
Least Power: 180kw

Heaviest: 1864kg
Lightest: 1296kg

I also calculated some Averages!

Average Displacement: 4433.6®cc
Average Power: 392.13®kw
Average Weight: 1573.93®kg

Even. More. Averages. These ones are Stat averages.

Average Driveability: 60.27
Average Sportiness: 60.18
Average Comfort: 15.59
Average Prestige: 48.44
Average Safety: 49.77
Average Fuel Economy: 10.78
Average Reliablity: 72.75
Average Price: $29,361


Could you follow this up with median values, please? :stuck_out_tongue:


That one’s gonna be a tad harder to calculate :stuck_out_tongue: I will genuinely see if Excel can do that.

It can. So, have some Medians.

Median Displacement: 3998cc/4L
Median Power: 410kw
Median Weight: 1523kg
Median Drive: 58.2
Median Sport: 63.6
Median Comfort: 14.3
Median Prestige: 47.7
Median Safety: 50.2
Median Fuel Eco: 11.7L/100km
Median Reliablity: 73.7
Median Price: $29,631


I … didn’t expect this to actually happen. I’m officially impressed.


so…you said wednesday right


One day.



At this point I’m not even bothered. I realised awhile ago that the car I entered was pretty terrible because I got excited about hp numbers and forgot to make it good.