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[UE4] The Great Automation Run 2: Bolivian Affair, Chapter 5 and final results!


Are you taking part in ASCAR with this team?


But where will it be time-wise? Back in time to the 1930’s, all the way forward to WipeOut spaceship…? Because I’ll have you know, my spaceship designing is on par with a 5th-grader. Top notch work! :stuck_out_tongue:


Back in time? Car wise, maybe. I have an idea to close the trilogy.






Place it in the 50’s, long as it’s after 1951, you’ll get Luke Sinistra involved. After all, high-powered front-wheel-drive machines are what Sinistra Motors is all about…


No, what I meant is classic cars, but still 201X-202X. I was thinking the 60s. Anyways, all will be chosen when it’s time.


60’s cars… Well, there’s always the Savage… Nothing quite like a FWD muscle car.


hope the budget allows for more luxurious cars this time

sadly have to postpone part 2 until tomorrow
did not find the time to type it yet


Sounds like something akin to an hommage road trip to Route 66 in present times, which would be pretty sweet. Either way, only time will tell…


Wait, it’s over already? I had absolutely no time to RP, let alone look at the spreadsheets! RL is annoying when it gets in the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Well anyways, thanks to Computah for hosting this challenge, it was fun while it lasted.


i will post some RP into this when i get the time to do so

technically it is over, but eplilogue-style RP is still possible


I too had no time to RP.

What I can say however is that there appears to be more than one person trying to follow the breadcrumb trail back to the source. But unravelling the mystery of the GAR surely is merely finding the entrance to the rabbit hole…


Team Run N Gun

Previous Post
GAR2: Ep. 5

Desert of Atacama, near Arica, Chile. 28th August 2018.

Turns out, the organisers of the GAR did have something terrible planned for the last leg of the race; an all out sprint to the finish line over trackless desert! Our Alpaca has served with us since new and she was now 18 years old so I knew we weren’t winning any sprints today… But I would push the car as hard a she’d go and we’d do our best.

As expected the faster cars roared ahead of us, making visibility difficult, but my blood was up so we managed to keep in touch with the main pack. It was during this initial rush that Team Help How Did We End Up In Here either accidently, or purposefully, brake checked us!

For one blissful moment our world was at peace, our Alpaca did a barrel roll and we found ourselves upright, stalled and rather dazed. Other than a littering of auxiliary lights and spare clothes marking where we rolled, nothing seemed to be the worse for wear… Then I heard Ben screaming. His right leg was jammed at an awkward angle and his shin was swollen, hot and sore. Damnit! Ben’s leg was broken!

I released Ben’s leg (he passed out) and quickly splinted the injury, then buckled him back in. We had to finish and we had to finish soon… Other than feeling guilty whenever Ben groaned thanks to hard bumps, there were no more incidents and we crossed the finish line in twelfth place. We survived, lost the FSB manhunt and we were headed back to the USA to finally find peace.

First things first; get a doctor for Ben. The race organisers had medical staff on hand and they were able to splint the break neatly and efficiently. Ben refused their drugs, as he always did, and we met at the Alpaca to determine our next plan…

Turned out Ben already had made plans; he has decided to invite us to a big after-party that the Orc Krew were throwing! While I looked after the truck and drank some horrible tasting-but-exquisitely-cold Fosters beers that had somehow appeared on the bonnet, Ben went off on a mysterious errand, taking his Glock with him…

Orc Krew part II

On The Cargo-plane to Chicago

S: “So, Ben. Ready to take on our new life in Chicago?”

B: “Yeah, bro… I’m just looking forward to being able to rest easy for once. No FSB. No ‘El Chaffee’. Just honest work and good friends”

S: “Let’s just hope the CIA leaves us alone after we’re finished with our DEA business”

B: “True that. At least we can prepare the ultimate bug-out car thanks to them letting us import the Alpaca…”

S: “That truck’s family… yawns Man I gotta get some sleep. Goodnight”

B: “G’night”


Thanks @Mr.Computah for another great GAR, I look forward to being part of the next installment!


It’s “El Nabo”, silly Ben. I know you are trying to make him sound like a badass threat, but he wasn’t self-respecting enough to get a badass name… :joy:


That was a reference to the brothers having to hide out in South America doing low level smuggling work for the Cartels… But it would have made more sense if I’d referenced El Nabo, :laughing:

My team’s just glad they survived, plus they’re kinda bummed out that they didn’t get a chance to meet their estranged relatives, may God have mercy on their souls… :ghost:


Ah, fair enough. I was under the impression he was getting the name wrong on purpose, a bit like “Hell I dunno who this goof was, El Chaparral or something”. You know, action hero speak. :laughing:

And above all else, proving to Canon Fodder why alpacas are the greatest. Your performance only furthered their love! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


your relatives are still alive.
i dropped them off at la paz airport


Awesome! I’d forgotten someone had saved 'em… :heart_eyes:


when they were stuck in the river, i met them and fished them out (not the car tho, we had no winch)…
then they had a Uber for 900km to La Paz


Since the Camión De La Basura Racing team was disqualified from the Great Automation Run 2 (rumors say it was due to a drugs related incident…), Aaron Gonzales and Dario Carlos decided to take the trip anyways, even without an official starting number.

Some of the impressions a long the way…

Stage 1, the Amazon Rain Forest

Stage 2, the bolivian Death Road

Stage 3, La Paz

Stage 4, The Andes

Stage 5, the Atacama

…and because I had these pics edited before the actual event so I´m posting them anyways…