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[UE4] The Great Automation Run 2: Bolivian Affair, Chapter 5 and final results!


@BoostandEthanol Yeah, you do.
@Racer13 the money comes from TV ads/ sponsorship, or that’s what I’m telling myself.


Well, time travel was involved. Nothing world breaking, after all, there’s no way these two jokers could win a race in a ‘borrowed’ 1952 pickup truck, but it got them noticed by Luke Sinistra (their goal), who sent them home ‘15 minutes’ after they’d left. Fast-forwarding to 2018, Luke Sinistra called Luke Light and informed him that his security needs serious work before the two idiots in the basement get the chance to go on another adventure. Hence, 6 days later, this event happens, because Luke Light wants to know where - and more importantly, when - these two happen to be.

End result, we have two middle-aged ‘kids’ having to run in a very dangerous illegal race, because it’s seen by the two of them to be less dangerous than dealing with a rather angry pair of Lukes.

Do keep in mind, it’s a former rental car. And it has 100.4 horsepower. And it’s automatic.

Then again, it’s a former rental car…


I’ll be returning to the world of the GAR and I’ll be bringing the Smith brothers with me! :star_struck:

EDIT: @Mr.Computah, is the car price calculated at +0% initially, or is there an initial amount of mark-up required?


The markdowns for each era!


Like Drivability, does the offroad stat play into any calculations besides “Meet the minimum and that’s all that matters”

Do we just need 28 or will meme offroad actually be viable?


actually a good question…
if 28 is a hard-limit minimum, i could just put new wheels on my car and get far enough


You just need 28!




OK, so to make sure I’m getting this right…

2001+ will be price on markets tab @ 0%
1990 - 2000 will be market tab price @ -10%
1980 - 1989 will be market tab price @ -20%
1970 - 1979 will be market tab price @ -10%

Is that correct?

EDIT: Max allowable date is 2000, D’oh!!!

That’s all folks!


Correct! Also what @TheTechnoVampire said, it’s cars up to 2000.



Check the regulations. Only cars up to 2000 are allowed.


so a car with 70 will perform the same as another car with 30 offroad and equal driveability?


Offroad wise, yes, drivability wise, depends on the rolls


i don´t like the idea…
if you are in the middle of nowhere, it is highly advantageous to have a good offroader
like this, we basically have a ton of road cars on offroad wheels and maybe a new diff…

it kinda defeats the purpose of going through a dense tropical jungle, if most cars are just about able cross a field of grass


I’m a fan of a drivability linked to offroad like I had in my GAT competition for trips through difficult terrain.

I have my car ready though, just a realistic car with a realistic background story and I don’t care that much about the rest.


By petition of several users, the offroading rule will be changed to a minimum of 30 and the obstacle from each stage will be an offroad roll, so more offroad in that case will be better, while you’ll still have to watch out for the other factors. The thresholds for safety have been changed as well. I don’t think any more changes to the rules need to be made, so get those entries going!


Count me in on this illegal race >:P


Team Quicksilver

Three young Belgian gentlemen have bought an old third-hand 1989 PMI Merkur A10 Diesel; the last generation of the Merkur A10s designed orginally in the 60s.

The buyer, Jan “Calle” Collemans - a sturdy bloke of 2m05 and 140kg and amateur strongman - could be mistaken for stupid force, but he is actually the thinker and problem solver of a three man team. He chose the Merkur because of high reliability, a great chassis for offroad or narrow bad road surfaces, and because of the price; leaving sufficient funds to carry spares and other equipment and provisions with them.

Always getting into trouble due to a too adventurous spirit and a dose of healthy nonchalance, the driver and prosaically named Leopold Six, was the great instigator of this adventure. 3 million dollars upon arrival. Who cares that the race isn’t exactly that legitimately organized? Even if they don’t win, the experience, the atmosphere, the sights…!

Called upon to help clean up the old Merkur Diesel and with technical issues in mind, the owner of a local second hand garage shop KB Automotive, Kenny Buyl. Working with cars for a job, he tinkers with everything that has an engine in his free time.

The 1989 PMI Merkur A10 Diesel came with an excellent 95 horsepower 3.2 liter V6. Apart from the cleaning up and replacing damaged engine parts, the following was changed:

  • custom hood with better cooling and additional carry space.
  • added role bars above the cabin space.
  • added long distance radio communication system and gps.
  • removed one front seat for an extra battery and attached coolbox and ehbo box.

Team Quicksilver will race under number 328, which is their lucky number.


Just curious, what’s your engine’s redline?


5200 rpm. If we could make real diesels that would be about 1k lower I guess. But the horsepower / torque for the engine size fits, I find.