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Ugly cars forum


Well, I’m gonna have to say, albeit I don’t know what the post was and I’d like a quote please, it seems like both cars would be potentially nice for wrecking. I think the car I created, however, has so much ASS you just wanna check them on site. Youch!


lol i answered the wrong person srry but ok


Hey I’m back


after my best car This is my worst car the FSA Salina 1600


Not ugly, just boring. I like it, though!


My car, if to enter, would completely level CSR and roast people who come unprepared for such bullshit. In my mind, ALL this junk I have posted talking smack about my ugly cars entry has been enough to call it a shitpost on my behalf. I will try to forget that abomination I created, it looks like it’s not even from the same planet. But I guess that’s the point of such a topic as this so I am SO glad I posted it here instead of (gulp) somwhere else. That would’ve been a disaster story altogether, nobody is gonna wanna see this unless they make crapcar specimens that are just as bad, if not worse.

To make a long story short, I officially challenge everyone on this shitbox thread to make something worse than Prototype 1 and post it. Good luck doing that, if you know what I mean, Prototype 1 is pretty hideous.


This is a fairly recent attempt at a modern design… so… you can tell I’m not hot on the modern cars.


If I could downvote here, I would
It ain’t no ugly


@MrAdi I completely agree.


I heard you like hot cars for scooping up babes
Here you go
car for you


That’s hideous. Great work.




And, because this thread is solely for shitboxes and crapcars (even though they are the same thing), the word “hideous” is actually a compliment on this forum. Also, you’re very welcome.


Sad Altair Astaria APV TC is sad


Screaming “cheap car” from 10km away, in the way that only the Altair Astaria can


I need to updates the rules but that’s not your fault.

Looks nice bro, for an ugly car!

Also I would appreciate it if you didn’t post more than once in a three-hour period. I’m not trying to be an jackass but I want to have at least one car per post too. Thanks!


It looks somewhat decent. Thanks for sharing!!!


yeah… 3 fixture wonder.

Haha I’m dying!!!


Time to break out the pickle-mobile… It’s greatest achievement?

Somehow winning a challenge despite looking like something that just had an allergic reaction, and is about to up chuck…


Ew. Haha. What? I have no freaking idea what to say.

By the way, nice van. For an ugly car thread that is.