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Ugly cars forum


Brrruhhh where have you been!?


That’s correct!


Its been so long since I’ve played automation or even visited the discord/this fourum to a point where I cannot even remember what I named this thing, I do know that it might have been for a CSR or some other challenge.


I like it! Can I suggest a name?


go ahead


EMC (Enderjed Motor Company) Ovation

Does that sound too much like a hypercar?


I’d say my CSR 92 entry, which was my first CSR round, was pretty awful :stuck_out_tongue:


My first CSR entry… Yeah… 3 fixture wonder.


and this was originally meant to be my CSR entry… 1980s…



the car that ruined CSR 94


all are nice (for this forum’s standards anyway)!


May i present the second car that ruined CSR 94


Terrible performance in CSR, I’ll bet. Great work.


They didn’t ruin CSR94 considering one of them caused the greatest post in the history of the forums to be created. But uhh if we gotta be on topic, ugly cars? Seems like the perfect thread to post your first cars to


fair point fair point.


Well, I’m gonna have to say, albeit I don’t know what the post was and I’d like a quote please, it seems like both cars would be potentially nice for wrecking. I think the car I created, however, has so much ASS you just wanna check them on site. Youch!


lol i answered the wrong person srry but ok


Hey I’m back


after my best car This is my worst car the FSA Salina 1600


Not ugly, just boring. I like it, though!