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Ugly cars you think look cool


I feel the same about the '90 passat


I no see cooling


ffs donald duck; the entire bottom half of the bumper is grill


1989 ford aerostar

2004 scion xb


Dunno if this qualifies but I really like the rear of the Škoda Rapid


subaru sambar


Fiat 126


Hm. It looks sad, but I wouldn’t call any 70s Fiat ugly.


Anything my Automation company makes.


I think the B Engineering Edonis looks great.


Apparently the new Scenic is kind of a marmite car when it comes to the looks, but what i think is cool about its looks is that unlike in pictures, in real life it really stands out in a superb way, it almost looks like an oversized hot wheels toy


The old Ford KA, especially from the back.


Such a spectacular way to ruin an EB110 :frowning:


What, no mention of the post-facelift 1998-2002 Chevrolet Camaro? Its nose was too similar to that of a contemporary cab-forward Chrysler sedan (300M, LHS, Concorde), but there was no denying that, in V8 form, it delivered the goods - in a straight line at least.

In my view, it didn’t look any worse as a convertible, though.

After falling sales and a seven-year hiatus, it finally got replaced, but gained a lot of weight (and physical size) in the process.


No it looks horrible, please


Nah, pre facelift is where it’s at.

90s blob styling clashing with ancient looking sealed beam headlights. I see some cavalier in it, also some saturn and gasp Geo design language. And somehow, I like it.


What about the 2004-06 Pontiac GTO? Americans shunned it because, underneath the ducts and spoilers, it looked too much like a bloated Chevy Cavalier, or at least that’s what they thought. I beg to differ. As a fan of Aussie muscle, I think it looks as awesome as its forebears.

It was actually based on, of all things, the Holden Monaro V2/VZ (itself a two-door coupe version of the contemporary Commodore sedan), and the most unfortunate thing was, there will never be a car quite like it ever again, what with the Australian car industry now being on its last legs and well beyond the point of no return, as it has been for quite some time.

Considering that US-spec GTOs were always offered with a big, grunty V8 (an LS1 in 2004, and an LS2 thereafter) it’s a shame that it sold so poorly. Especially considering that the Australian motoring press raved about it from the start, comparing it favorably with its key rivals. In fact, the LS2-powered GTOs were more powerful than a contemporary M3 - and cheaper, too.


I heard an other thing that didn’t help that car were the often ridiculous dealer markups, which killed the early hype, which is often the main driving force behind the sales of niche vehicles.


I remember going to the NY Auto show where I first saw the GTO. I was in love with her at first sight… I still don’t understand how she didn’t sell well. She had the best horses per dollar ratio at the time as well; if I remember correctly.

Stout Scarab anyone?


1984 Toyota Tercel



Yeah the Stinger rocks too