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Ugly cars you think look cool


Citroen Mehari, p ugly but I drive one around and it is super fun and looks cool


Oh, THAT’S what the GTA V Kalahari is based on!


yep lol


That is the epitome of this thread, the true ugly cool car. I woulda gotten one just because I’m edgy like that :joy:


citroën 2cv


Gillet Vertigo, perhaps?


That is really ugly, but indeed looks cool


Especially as a race car (picture below is from Gran Turismo 6):

Although it debuted in GT3, the yellow livery shown here was not introduced until GT4.


couldn’t make up its mind whether to become a Z4, TVR, or a Panoz GTR :joy:


I always like the look of the Levin more than the Trueno [Toyota Corolla Levin (AE85)]


It’s a tossup for me, but the red and black color scheme looks way better than the panda one.


The AU Ford Falcon, especially in XR8 guise (with its CLK-aping quad-headlight nose), was not the best-looking Aussie Ford, but at least it was distinctive:

I reckon the flagship of the range, the Tickford T-series, actually looked much better, with its single-lens headlights.

In any case, the BA/BF Falcons, regardless of spec, were much more attractive than even the T-Series AU by some margin.


I mostly agree with you on this.

Sadly, the average knob level of those who purchased and drove these have been astronomical throughout all of history. I’ve never encountered worse road rage than from Ford Ute drivers. You may wonder about the Holden counterparts, they seem to be more busy drunk burnout-ing into the nearest telegraph pole or cruising around the dero part of town getting their gear shifted while they shift gears if you know what I mean (true story).


Sounds like i need a Holden ute


It’s not worth it man, next thing you know your life will consist of blowing your Centrelink benefits on ciggies and blow and dodging alimony :joy:



Idk what it is but something about the Volkswagen fox (2006) did something for me that neither the polo or golf did, and therefore it was to me a much better looking car. Something about it had more personality to me i guess.

(sidenote about the polo mk4 and golf mk5 look much much much better than the more current equivalents plus have more personality in their styling)


Love the small “style” sticker on the rear side


I also rly like this angle of the 2008 A3 convertible


Where do I get one in America?