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Ugly cars you think look cool


I got the chance to see a pickup version up close a few weeks ago. Not as cool as the van, but it was still nice. And it was for sale, too. If I had the money, I’d buy one of these.


how about the 1999 honda civic


I don’t think it’s ugly. Just meh.


Yeah, i mean there is nothing really special about it, it looks like a normal 90’s Japanese sedan, people who think it looks ugly would say the same about almost every other normal car produced in the mid to late 90’s


Looks better as coupé, best as…
Hatchback, not because of all the sweet JDM Civic Type-R hype, but because,

Speaking of the Civic, the 8th gen Civic:

It’s a domeback! But I imagine the drag coefficient to have quite improved in this generation over the previous generations.


sorry about the civic, how about the 1985 VW cabriolet?


how about the 70 mpg dale


‘‘Big brother, is that you?’’


Looks like the front end of a Ferrari Enzo, an F1 car, and pinto, the midsection looks like the doors were an afterthought and taken from a different car adn the back of a citreon DX(?)


The Mitsuoka Viewt
I don’t know why I don’t hate it. I think it’s the cuteness factor.


Looks rather Jaguar like, is there a reason for that?


Well, when you open its Wikipedia page, you have the answer ^^

The Mitsuoka Viewt is a modification of the Nissan March/Micra sold by the Japanese carmaker Mitsuoka, intended to resemble the 1963 Jaguar Mark 2.

Looks a whole lot like if you just took the 1940 body in 2006 though :smiley:


For some reason I actually like the looks of Lexus’s. Especially the new Lexus LC 500:


Someone need to tell your shrink to increase the meds.:grin:


The amc pacer

an the amc gremlin


These look far from beautiful, but for some reason I love the way they look


Reliant Scimitar SS1

it looks like 5 different cars glued together.


I think you should specify that that’s a particular type of Scimitar. The regular one had ultimate levels of breadvan coolness.


fixed it


That is cool looks like a wagon capri. Would make an awesome 10.5 outlaw car. Chop the roof tub the rear wheels dana 10" diff a 3sp c4 gearbox and a big block ford…ah heaven