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Ugly cars you think look cool


427 SOHC or 429 Boss?


Niether. 460 truck engine with a 557ci stroker or better yet a 700ci jon kaase crate engine. Cause you havnt lived until you have driven a procharged/turbocharged 2500hp big block anything




He said Ford engine, Northstar is Cadillac. And is tiny. However:

Might scream somewhat.:grin:

@Darkshine5 Jon Kaase Boss Nine? Just waiting for him to make SOHC heads for the 429/460.


The new Fiat Panda

Tbh I think it’s even better looking than a lot of premium brands since nowadays they have a tendency to try way too hard.

If the design was a bit longer and a bit wider, I would buy it!


I hate it when companies that have reputations for building cheap, no frills commuters decide to go upmarket (Honda, Toyota, Chevy, and especially Volkswagen). But I tend to prefer simpler cars anyway, so I’m likely just more biased than average. That being said, I do admittedly like the 2014 and 2015 Toyota Camry and Corolla designs.

However, the 2017 refresh for the Corolla is a visual tragedy.


Interesting how different the EU and US designs were for the Corolla


Chrome grilles and cheap cars don’t mix well in my mind. I saw a mid to late 2000s Hilux about 4 days ago, and that thing had chrome trim for days. Was it a special model or a higher trim? I’m American, so we get the Tacoma instead.


how about the Bruckell LeGran from BeamNG Drive


This thread focuses on real cars, not video game cars. Sorry.


I made this thread!


um do you need some sunscreen for that burn? sorry couldn’t help myself


Oh, yeah. Im a ginger, and Gingers need sunscreen to even go outside.

Honestly tho, sorry for that. I overstepped my bounds a little


back to the topic at hand the 1976 ford escort rs 2000


nah man loads of people think this thing is cool


Ford Mustang 2 King Cobra

Lord I want one of these so bad but being that I am in Australia not prepared to pay $30000+ to import a shitty one


Nah, I prefer the Mach 1


I find it difficult to post in this thread because… well… if I think a car is cool… then generally speaking I don’t think it is ugly. :confused:

This might do the trick though… the GAZ GL-1

That cockpit looks cool… but the rest… not so much.


That’s the real second generation Mustang.


lol with parts stolen from an aussie ford falcon and about $75000 for a good clean one down under