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Ugly cars you think look cool


Fiat 126p Wadera


The Lamborghini lm002


I still sometimes find it hard to believe that it was originally built as a potential Jeep replacement for the US Military. Imagine if they chose this instead…


I like it from the ass, alone.


Since a lot of people find this car ugly, im putting it here:

(on a sidenote BMW finally brought this to Finland so now my dream of having one wouldn’t mean importing one from germany)


The Cheetah( Before the LM001 and 002) was a project for the US military, the HMMWV, well it was very inspired from it. It had a V8, not the V12 though :frowning:


Nissan Juke

Honda/Acura Integra With “Bug Eyes”

Nissan Sileighty (180SX (JDM 240SX) with Silva Nose)

Edit: Toyota Vitz


I love the Sileighty.


If they only could make a modernized version, with the latest V12 from the Aventador.:smiling_imp::imp::scream:


Gurgel BR 800


Nissan S-Cargo

It is… adorable. The name is also win.

Need Nissan S-Cargo body in Automation. >.<


I have an odd fondness towards the Mercedes Benz MB 140

Ive gotten the sudden urge to buy one but I cant find one for sale anywhere in europe :confused:


Opel Tigra 1997


601 trabant


Maybe if you put a 3 cyl snowmobile engine in it.:smiling_imp:


Will you be mine plz? Love this little car
Have heard people call it ugly and even more call it generic, I can see that but it’s so cute!


Exactly how I feel about the Punto Cabrio


I cast the Citreon 2CV.

No offense meant, Adamd :wink:


Can we just put every vw cabriolet on this list


Just saw a Beetle cabrio driving today. It was -5 degrees centigrade outside. Dudes sitting in it had knit wool caps on. They definately looked cool