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Ugly cars you think look cool


I think this is very ugly but also very cool


Dang it now that i brought it up i want a 1975 - 1985 beetle


fuck y’all AND yo puns!


Was watching that 70’s show. Oldsmobile vista cruiser


When wagons were sedans with an extra roof piece and not an extended hatchback. Kinda cool but odd in so many ways…


3rd car from the bottom, right in the middle of the L shape. What car is that? Kinda looks like an NSX. Definitely does not look like an LFA.


It’s a Lykan Hypersport


Ah. Never seen one in red. lol… I’m on the fence when it comes to the appearance, wouldn’t call it ugly but wouldn’t call it attractive either. Unlike the Lamborghini Veneno which is just plain ugly.


There fixed it for you.


lol. not likely imo. It looks like someone dropped a semi truck on a gallardo that somehow managed to survive.


More like someone put a gallardo through an industrial shredder :joy:


And a miniature alien battleship came from the other end. Which for me is awesome :smile:


Good eye @Dorifto_Dorito, Couldn’t have said it better myself.

@szafirowy01 I think this photo perfectly describes the tail end.


Love the vertical light buckets on 77 el caminos


I kinda like the styling on the Isuzu Vehicross. Especially the rear.


honda city cabriolet


Can you buy that in the US? That is so cool! It’s like a VW cabriolet with reasonable repairs


We already have something similar to that Honda.

It’s called the Geo Metro cabriolet, and you can get a nice one for a couple grand.


Roasted Honda


I love the old Volvos (ugly for my mum, beauty for me):


And this car: