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Ugly cars you think look cool


Honda CRX Cabriolet


2001 Plymouth prowler

Chrysler pt cruiser cabriolet


I’m not sure you got the essence of this topic right. I’ve never met a single person who would consider this car ugly…


I didn’t post this car as my choice for an ugly car, it was a reply to Skyline who said they “hate all convertible versions of cars that weren’t originally designed to be”


Oh I see, fair enough.


The Mitsuoka Galue Convertible

It most definitely is ugly but idk what it is but it does it for me in an odd way, especially since I hate these luxury convertible thingies anyways


The sides looks like a Ford Mustang.
The grill and headlights looks like they were added after everything else.


Well it is based on a ford mustang


Biscuter 100


Is that a car or a golf cart? Cars have changed…



basically one of maybe 2 good things to come out of Francoist Spain.


Hmmm Biscuter plus supercharged 289 windsor v8 anyone


1972 Leyland Crompton Electricar


I’ve seen that thing in person, it is a seriously cool car and it’s a shame they didn’t continue with the project (even if battery technology back then was poor).


Ford edsel

It looks great with the different grill


I present the Brutsch Mopetta!

Also, best looking driver for the car ever.


My grandpa just got one of these Triumph TR3


@Noporian I meant that I can’t stand the compromise in structural integrity. I wasn’t referring to the aesthetic.


VW type 166


Volkswagen Passat 1980