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Ugly or weird cars you think look cool


Anyone who disses Lexuses is dead to me :stuck_out_tongue:


I am dead to you then


Well that’s practical cause I wanna die


The CITROEN 2CV is an ugly, cute car.


TVR Cerbera - one of my alltime favourites

420 hp for just over a ton of weight. And this wonderfully weird cockpit:


Thats not an ugly car! The interior might be a bit weird but thats certainly not ugly.


You only think it looks ugly because of all those cut-outs up front. I beg to differ - it’s too well-proportioned to be treated as an aesthetic disaster.


All TVRs are pure nut and anyone who objects is not only dead to me but also deserves a death penalty :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Aaah - one of those rare moments where I can be truly happy to have been totally wrong :smiley:


TVRs are the weirdest (not the ugliest but close) cars that I can think of. It’s like, the Multipla of sports cars


NO. TVRs are not weird or ugly. They are all beautiful. Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong.


Mate just stop with your low quality trashy baiting. It’s obvious you’re just saying things to piss people off. Get your head out of your ass and stop trying to cause a chain of knee jerk reactions and dumpster fires


I’m with @EmpireAutomotive here… TVRs are indeed weird. Ugly is an opinion (that I also hold, but that’s not the point)… but a lot of TVR’s cars are odd to say the least. The Cerbera posted above is a very tame example though; that car can pass for “normal” (interior aside)… but when you look at something like a Tuscan Speed 6…

No… that thing is genuinely weird and there is no denying it.

The only “knee jerk reaction” I see here is you… saying that people deserve a death penalty for thinking TVRs are ugly. That statement there is just fucked up.


Noone said anything about the death penalty…well I didnt. Besides you dont think hes serious?


It’s called a joke jesus…

Did you really think he was serious?


I’d hope not… but that’s a lot more offensive than what EmpireAutomotive said, and yet he threw a fit over that; which is why I brought it up.


I’m not talking about TVRs, I don’t care what you like or don’t like. I’m addressing empires repeated attempts to stir up fights. He’s previously posted inflammatory statements like “oh yea Toyota’s are shit and blah blah is shit” which have been successful in causing the controversy he seems to want to create


“Oh yea Toyota’s are shit”.


The 3 ‘‘ugliest’’ old Pontiac cars according to most people. Man do I want a Grand Am.

I like the look of the Esprit more than the Trans Am

This Camaro looks alright, even if it was the ugliest Camaro up until the 4th gen facelift, and the Camaro always looked worse than the Firebird to be honest.

This one is either loved or hated, most people I know hate it (Zero taste).


Excuse me? Im sorry but please.

You call this shit? This is perfection

And this too. You call this shit?

Youre not going to tell me this beauty is shit too eh? So why dont you stop nit picking and instead on basing your opinion of a company on one fucking car why dont you admire all the design work that said company has put out throughout the years.

:EDIT: I mean you dont say Ford are shit for making the Pinto. So why do it for Toyota?

Rant Over

And also anyone who tells you the E Type Jaguar looks like shit is an idiot.


Even if I do kind of dislike modern Toyotas