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Ugly or weird cars you think look cool


Out of all Toyotas you pick to illustrate cool you chose a Yaris?


What? I think the rally spec Yaris looks great :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we can all agree this is the worst modern Toyota ever made though

Especially since in some places you can literally get a Ford Mustang GT or base model or other high performance cars and still have money to spare.


A base model Mustang costs as much as the 86 and that is just way too much for what it is in my honest opinion, I can get a 10-20 year old car that is cheaper and faster and probably more fun. Hell I can get a dream car from the 60’s for under 20,000 that is probably unironically faster (Well, where it matters on daily driving).
I don’t like this car at all, it’s the boring and underwhelming Prius of sports cars (Prius being underwhelming in saving the environment and my wallet), I’d rather have a Miata.


I agree with you. The Yaris looks pretty neat.


Because you’re comparing a base model mustang to the highest trim level of the 86.

I can fold that a miata is probably cheaper, but who really wants a base model mustang?


imho a Mustang and a GT86 can’t even be compared, they’re from entirely different categories. Also, the price is wildly variable from region to region, for example here the GT86 is €12,500 cheaper than the Mustang, both base models. A used car would be better value, yes, but that applies to pretty much any new car.


Umm, excuse me? That’s the best looking and most interesting modern Toyota for me (one of a very few that aren’t boring to be honest) and the only one that I want. About as much as the current pre-lifting Mustang, which has a very crudely designed interior. And didn’t you know that for a price of a new fancy car you can always get something old that’s way faster/more luxurious/interesting? (well maybe except the super expensive ultra luxury or performance new cars)


Not hard to be honest nowadays.


As shit as it was, always thought the Chevy Vega was a smart looking car (at least the ones before 1974). Most mature looking car of the 70s Murican “subcompact” bunch.


See I can’t really be arsed fanning the flames here but… have you driven a GT86? Have you driven a “10-20 year old car that is cheaper and faster and probably more fun”? Have you driven your dream car from the 60s? Any current gen Mustang? A Miata? If not, maybe we shouldn’t be making claims as bold as “I think we can all agree this is the worst modern Toyota ever made though” and “it’s the boring and underwhelming Prius of sports cars”.

Now, for my car.This has probably been brought up before but on the topic of the Vega and such, I think the Gremlin is great:


Faster than any other subcompact on the market at the time. Plus how many cars can say they have engine displacements ranging from 2.0 liters to 5.0 liters?


I would have said some of the posts here need to come with a disclaimer as to how much you actually know about the cars you’re listing. But in reality this thread is supposed to be about cars you think are ugly but cool, so somewhere along the line it got a bit off the rails.

Uninformed and half-baked opinions are driving a disproportionate amount of drama over here, jokes or not. For people like me who don’t care what you call ugly or think is a shit car, that’s great :popcorn: but some of you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself or alienate yourself from an entire community before you even get into it.




@ramthecowy I just don’t like them ^^ not trying to start a riot to take down the TVR factory (oops its already closed, my bad :wink: )


Dude, TVR is back in business. Just revealed their new car a week or so ago.


New factory being built in Wales I believe? Car looks cracking.

Anyway, getting the thread back on track - inspired by @Microwave (and for obvious reasons anyway), the AMC Pacer:


Looks like something out of a Hanna-Barbera Cartoon.


Get that roofline a tad lower and that thing would look sick.

Fun fact: The Pacer was originally intended to use a Wankel engine. The plan was to use the one General Motors was developing. When the project was scrapped, the front end of the car was redesigned to use a straight six instead.


That would’ve completely changed the pacer for me if that happened, that’s really cool to know!


my dad’s van