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Ugly or weird cars you think look cool


The ultimate definition of Ugly Cool


I’m beginning to think you’ve got a thing for Ferrari


That would be the F50 :wink:


What gave you that idea I wonder?


Damn that new tvr looks sweet, kind of a new Sagaris.


I wouldn’t call it cool, but the styling of the PT Cruiser has grown on me (only for the volume hatchback. The special editions are tacky, and the convertible is still a blight on Chrysler’s reputation).


1989 chevy lumina van



also, Renaut Aventime.

like the name says, ahead of its time…


It has a butt.


The Dustbuster of the automotive world. (A far cry from the concept which had rear gull wing doors)


There. Much better.


Thank you, O Lover of Overglorified and Ambitiously Styled VW Beetles :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, they’re beetles. I can actually trace the roots of a modern 911 to them by memory. But hey, at least they’re actually interesting cars. Lexus is an appliance. :smiley:


You see? We’re all on a forum where we all love cars so why can’t we let others love what they want without lambasting them for it? What do you get out of getting into arguments with people and “winning” them, hmm? I’d really like to know why you do it. I originally said that as a joke (and everything after that jokingly too), because honestly, I don’t care whether others like them or approve of my taste or not. Similarly, I don’t care what you think of Lexuses, what you like, what you think of what I like, what you think of my preferences or what you make or what you think of what I make - why do you insist on getting into fights with people? Do you think it makes you look better when you win? I don’t want to have to hate anyone nor do I enjoy arguing whether I win or lose. Does it make you feel like some kind of badass or something when you attack a newcomer or prove that you’re smarter or your cars look better? It’s deeply irritating. I know I’m not perfect and I may not be smarter than you but when I never said or acted like that why have you got to shove it down my throat and be incessantely argumentative?


I compensate for my tiny penis. Is what you probably want to hear.

In any case

Because it’s fun.

P.S: I don’t recall a single time when I’ve linked a guy to any of my cars and said “THIS is the way the car should really look like” whether I felt like I’ve done better or haven’t, so I’d like you to either show me such an instance.


The second-gen Renault Megane had some of the most bizarre and polarizing rear-end design cues of any hatchback, period. Seriously, look at its tail!

Its upright rear window clashed with its bulbous lower rear bodywork, making it look as if the top half of one car had been hastily tacked on top of another completely different model, but from the driver’s seat of a Renaultsport variant (especially the R26 and, as shown here, the hardcore R26.R) you’ll be having way too much fun to care.


Bla bla bla both of you like the wrong cars

A true car lover only likes turbodiesels


Ford Galaxy (the fist generation MPV) … the look is bad but with the turbodiesel (@Sillyducky) engine this heavy full loaded minivan goes over 220 km/h (tested on the german highway by my mum xD)

(For whatever reason i am not able to give this post a pic bc im on the Phone)


Toyota Prius GR Sport

I wouldn’t exactly call it pretty, but it looks aggressive and sporty in the way a hot hatch should. Could you imagine a 300hp hot hatch using the Prius body? It just needs a ridiculous wing and it would be perfect.


I’d be proud to own that toyota, looks sicc