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Ugly or weird cars you think look cool


all hail the Cossah


I thought it was “Cozz-EH”












Volvo 780 Bertone

or pretty much any volvo from 1982 - 1992


I wouldn’t call call it ugly, unless I considered 90s blob design beautiful… It’s a very well designed boxy car.


Now THAT is a good looking volvo


a lot of people hate Volvos because there boxy


datsun 126x


Toyota Previa Cabriolet


Still think JC did it better


Regarding the Sierra Cosworth, most enthusiasts simply call it the “Cossie”. They did the same thing with its replacement, the Escort Cosworth, which wasn’t really an Escort at all, since it was built on an AWD Sierra platform.


I was mainly posting that one since it’s identical to the Merkur XR4TI. Main difference is that Ford could not use the Sierra name since it was a trim package for GMC trucks at the time, also the Oldsmobile Ciera was too close. Thus an American brand in Europe is sold as a German brand in America.


2001 pontiac rev concept


If that’s a Plymouth, why is there a Pontiac logo on the front?




Volkswagen Type 4

Nissan Pulsar 1988