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Ugly or weird cars you think look cool


That’s on spot! Basically, a slightly more contemporary design on the fixtures would’ve given it much more general appeal. Hyundai did a very nice job on the Ioniq!

@Denta This really underlines that the Prius is basically looking like an athlete, but is never doing more than jogging, usually :stuck_out_tongue:


Grumman LLV


I like the look of older, utulitarian stuff. I met a guy a few months ago who was in the middle of buying one as a parts runner, since he liked the look so much. Speaking of stuff that doesn’t pretend to be more than it is…

I have a soft spot for these things. Cheap, unpretentious, relatively durable.


I don’t know if it’s just me but I really like the new Kia Cadenza.


You sure this isn’t actually a Ford Mondeo? :wink:
Kia does make some genuinely nice looking cars. I really like the Optima:

In that aspect, I would actually put them as “Ordinary cars you think look cool” :stuck_out_tongue:


That actually looks quite nice, the only thing I disagree with is the recession in the grill, but that’s minor.


Don’t forget that Kia makes the sexiest 5 door hatch on the market right now!

(trust me, it looks even better in white)


I like the convertible better


I don’t know if people think this is an ugly car but i think it looks cool


Only looks as dopey as the current Mitsubishi Mirage.
@jonthefuzz I hate all convertible versions of cars that weren’t originally designed to be, but to each their own.


Well then how about the 1994 Fiat Punto Cabrio? :ok_hand:


I’ve been a fan of Abflug supra. But then one day I’ve had a chance to look at one up close and it was all gone, that kit is sadly 100% confirmed disfunctional rice :frowning: Almost none of the vents lead to anything


Always had a soft spot for these even if they look like overweight Ford Telstars/Mazda 626


My first time seeing one of these, so I don’t know too much about the old Fiats beyond the 124 Spyder and the Panda.


This is WHY I hate the design of modern cars, if you did a similar image with a normalish economy car from the 80’s and a supercar from the 80’s it would immediately stand out, now boring cars are being styled like supercars.


If I understood correctly… wat?

So it’s bad that regular cars are styled to look desirable? (besides the prius but im guessing they were trying to make it desirable)


Looking desirable is fine, over the top styling on a car what is in no way exciting and is meant to appeal to someone looking for something practical rather than people looking for something that will turn heads, its especially bad when the overall shape of the car is terrible for over the top fixtures, and gives less of an impression of simplicity. Boring shitboxes actually seem more desirable to me when they aren’t trying to be or look like anything more than they are.


Sooo it was primarily just the prius 2016 (and probably lexus)


You know I like the ford festiva it look like a friendlier version of a Honda CRX

Also I like how the gen 1 CRX looks

Also whilst i was looking at festivas i found the Saipa Pick-Up (Basicaly a festiva pickup)


Sexiest 5 door ever! (1st generation Mazdaspeed 3)

And I’m not baised because I own one. I own one because it is! Also happened to be the fastest new car under $25k when I bought it. I will keep it until it dies! (Probably)