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Ugly or weird cars you think look cool


Yes, but it lost much of its mojo after the oil crisis, and it took the introduction of the C4 to get it back.


In my opinion, the c4 was the worst looking (but ok for the era) corvette because of the boxy cars plague of the 80’s. Some cars wore boxy styling well, but American muscle suffered from it.


My guilty pleasure is the Peugeot 1007 which I honestly would buy because I like it’s quirks but I’ve read that the doors can screw around in the cold and considering it gets like -20c here I’d rather not find out

I really like how they emphasized the rails and wrapped the detail around the rear


Mazda Cosmo CD/AP/RX5/121: I love the B-pillar. And that grille, It gives to the car, an imposing front.


Ford Taunus 17M P3


silvia s10


Yup. That buttress was reminiscent of french car design. The fender-mounted sideview mirrors was pure JDM flair. That grille though…


Alpha Romeo Bat 7


Actually, in my opinion at least, it isn’t so much ugly as odd - it was a study in low-drag aerodynamics, which was less well understood at the time of its debut. It serves two purposes - to be unique and to make the car faster than it would usually be.


Zagato Zele 1000




Rinspeed Splash


Very interestwing…


You can’t hate this one!


1975 Chevy Monza


This god damn egg on wheels.


This E D G Y B O Y E


I’m on a boat!

Rinspeed had some great stuff. Hubless wheels, a 500hp transverse M5 powered roadster that hinged in the middle, and I seem to remember the weirdest semi truck concept ever; high cab with aero inspired by fish. None of them were pretty. Good stuff.
edit to add: holy cow. this company is still around. “Creative think tank and mobility lab for the automotive industry.”

2nd edit: I was wrong about the truck. That was a Luigi Colani design, no relation to Rinspeed. That said, most of his stuff totally fits this thread, you’ll either love it or hate it.

more Colani weirdness




1985 chevrolet Cavalier