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Ugly or weird cars you think look cool


I for one would happily take a Wagon with googly eyes if it has a Cosworth V6 and RWD


Buick roadmaster


Nothing ugly about fake wood paneling. It has a strange charm.


I agree with that statement. Time for me to make a fool of myself.

PT Cruiser gang gang



Chevrolet SSR

retro goodness
even though it flopped miserably, and is a early 2000 GM piece of plastic on wheels
the idea, and looks of it i find really cool


Jensen’s last-ever all-new car, the S-V8, definitely has to qualify - it looks like nothing else on the road, which is its main selling point. Certainly its 4.6-litre quad-cam V8, sourced from the contemporary Mustang Cobra, would have been enough for anyone to overlook its unconventional styling - and it handled decently, too.

Sadly, it proved to be too odd-looking for most potential customers, and the poor build quality didn’t help. Just 20 were built (excluding 12 further examples completed using unused spares) before the company went bust - and not for the first time. No wonder Jensen went back to (re)building its iconic Interceptor afterwards, albeit with a GM LS3 or supercharged LSA V8 under the bonnet instead of the old Chrysler V8s used originally.


I can feel some sort of Daihatsu Copen vibe in this car. Something of it’s rims and the front fascia just reminds of it. I could be wrong.


speaking about Daihatsu, the Hijet.


Kei vans, another automotive fetish of mine.


Chevy Beretta


Good one, always thought they looked nice. Especially in Z26 guise with them edgy wheels


Bond Minicar



…that looks safe.


My mother had a 1996 Beretta, it was blue. Great little coupe.


And here I was going to say it looked fun.

Wonder if it could do a FWD burnout, or if the engine’s a bit too underpowered for that.

Of course, the steering would be rather… weighty. At least compared with something standard. Could still be fun to drive.


hummer h3t concept


Not saying that it’s ugly but it looks like it’s trying to be multiple things, all at once


Salica GT, it really doesn’t look as bad as people make out of it. It had a very minimalist roadster design. Had no electronic driving aids and had a top speed of 190mph.

Mitsuoka Himiko, don’t hate me on this but I kinda like the retro-modern design of this car. Yes it feels like a jumbled mess between trying to look retro and trying to be modern, but it still looks decent.


I recognize a miata on the Mitsuoka Himiko, isn’t it based on the NC miata?


Of course it is. As for the Salica GT, it came about when its designers took matters into their own hands after Noble chose not to build a convertible version of the M400/M12 which served as the donor car. And I can see a bit of Zonda in the front end, with a hint of 430 Scuderia in the rear.