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Uh... Billie's Car Thread


Basically I saw that there was a sports car challenge, and so I made this car for it. But I kind of made it with this sort of Diamond-Star Motors sort of rebadging theme. This is also meant to test how this new forum works, because I haven’t used it since the old one. XD

This is a 1982 Freedom Venus, but in Japan (or Automation’s Japan equivilant), it’s known as a Motorpress Cuddly. The Trim variant seen here is a budget lights sports car, but was sold in Gasmea as a City Eco car. It makes 82 HP out of a Naturally Aspirated Dual Overhead Cam carbbed Four Banger, and gets 25 miles to the gallon. People love to put small-block Chevy V8’s in these and drift them because of the geared Limited Slip Differential, and easy access to everything in the engine bay.
This trim was built to compete with the Toyota Celica, from it’s name to it’s core features. It was dubbed Cuddly due to it’s compact size and charming face. It was a brilliant marketing strategy. Aiming for the 18 to 25 demographic, the name helped sell safety and practicality to couples and parents, allowing for the potential to expand overseas.

In Gasmea, the car was known as the Freedom Venus. In a partnership with one of the big three car-companies in the region, it was rebadged, it’s interior entirely redone using spare parts from a similar but failing eco car of comparable size, (to save costs for both companies) and sold to undercut competing brands.

While parts aren’t made for this car anymore, a huge jdm aftermarket has developed for this car, and there are plenty of donor cars worldwide. If you want to screw around with it, I’ll post the dl in the thread. Beware tho, because this car uses lots of fixture mods, and I haven’t tested it with BeamNG because I don’t own it. Freedom - Venus.car (32.7 KB)

The Search for a Sportscar - The Agile and the Angry

um, gonna post some pics of rejected designs I was going for for the agile and angry thing for my freedom venus car


The first concept I had, I wanted to do this big fender flared ricer thing, but replace the grill with a glass plate and vents, and replace the entire hood with a glass plate as well. This was as far as I got with this idea. I gave it a purple coloring with gold rims that have just a little hint of green sparkle to them. I abandoned it because I couldn’t get the torque curve right with the turbo and felt like I needed to start over.


This was my second attempt. I wanted to go for the sense that the steering wheel was on the right and not the left. I wanted this car to be more like the Jetta from The Fast and the Furious, but I didn’t like the way it looked. I sourced the front bumper from the rocket bunny boss kit that the 240sx uses. The previous version had 14 comfort, this car has 1. It also has a 900 hp v8 that I also scrapped because I didn’t like the torque curve, it was really funny at the time, and could be pushed to do about 1200 if you could be assed to. Edit: It also unlike the finished build, has those hood locker buttons. instead of the solid O emblem people typically use, I used tiny door handles because I wanted the extra geometry. I forgot to add those in to the final build.


This is the front of the final version, I think my screenshots were a bit vague as to how the front looked.


Greg Cars: An Automotive History.
Founded by late famed Archanan steel tycoon Grigori Mikolaev’s widow Masha Q. S. Mikolaev, you can find many examples of cheep and reliable small cars here. In 1991, the company filed for bankruptcy after the failure of the M1 passenger van in 1983, and related O. S. Mikolaev’s first stroke, and later retirement as C.E.O and C.F.O of Grigori Automotive.


This is the Grigori M1, Greg Cars’ bread and butter vehicle, produced non-stop from 1943 until 1990 before being replaced by Greg Cars’ new delivery platform the nM1. This is an old picture from a small warehouse in San Antonio, Gasmea from 1955. Minimal changes were made from the start of production to the end of production, only complying with the era’s safety laws. Due to being so commonly manufactured, these vans can still be found being used today with a variety of parts from different eras, but all original or restored versions of these vans are extremely rare.

The engine that powered this car was a 1 liter inline 3 that made about 40 horsepower. Later versions would make about 70 horsepower.

Real talk: I just wanted to make a van but I didn’t know that it would be this easy to make a van, sportscars pff that’s too hard, fleet vehicles don’t waste the effort, delivery vans, with like the only van body in the game, that’s my shit. 210 desirability for the first year and with minor tweaks stable at 150-160 as a flat rate. Deffo the way to go if your doing a campaign when it actually exists in this engine.


Um seeing that people in CSR82 want to dl this car, so I thought I’d put it up here. XD Weird thing is that the car suddenly depreciated like almost 8 grand when I went to check on it. But if you want to export it to beam or mess with it, here it is. XD. CSR82 - B1ill4Har8din1 - Hammerstein Lagniappe Grand Tour.car (29.4 KB)


I tried to get as closed to a 60 30 60 ratio for drivability/sportiness/comfort but if you want to tweak it, it could perform pretty good in any particular category. I think I once got the drivability to like 75 without touching the quality sliders, but it had a negative effect on the sportiness so I canned it.


Old design for CSC#1