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UI not refreshing when scrolling the slider


Has anybody else noticed that in Open Beta that the UI doesn’t refresh properly? If you click or scroll any slider, the value often lags one or two clicks behind where the car is actually at, and it doesn’t resolve itself even after sliding across tabs.


Yes, happens for me too.


Could you name a specific example which we can look into?


I have this issue from time to time, and also the opposite problem as well, where the slider will jump up beyond where it should be, then come back.

Usually this happens when I mouse over the slider and use the wheel to scroll up or down to change the value.


This is something that has happened to me everytime I go for a very low car height.


I’ll fraps something when i get home it happens all the time for me!


Definitely happens with ride height all the time.
I’ve had it happen once or twice with engine tuning sliders, but not regularly.


okay I’ve uploaded an unlisted video demonstrating the issue. It doesn’t matter what model car I use, every single model/trim I make has the same issue.


Thanks for posting that :slight_smile: we’ll have a look!