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Unreal crashes when start simulate


I have a problem with unreal, it crashes when i start a simulation for the wheelthumbnailgenerator.

I have 46 load errors


I have to reinstall unreal and now i get this when i want to start the automation project

As always, I packed everything in the same place

would be nice if somebody could help me, i´m not a programmer… :worried:


It looks like you could be missing some files?
-Have you verified the local files through Steam?
-Make sure to copy the project files out of the Steam install directory, to somewhere without spaces in the file path.
-make sure the Unreal Engine is not installed to C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)


I got the program running again. Thank you.

It looks like somehow in the automation files get something wrong when unreal crashes. I´ve verified the files, get new ones and everything was ok, and after a crash 1 to 3 files have errors…