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[Update] Most Powerful 2L I4


Hey Guys i would Like to Update the Challenge who get’s 1200hp Out of the smallest I4


It’s unworkable in real life due to quality spam, but nearly 500 horsepower per liter is an impressive achievement nonetheless.


The most recent update knocked of 1.7 hp for some reason but it’s still a beast.

KGB_HyperHatch_-_A1.car (26.8 KB)

$1.06M for a destroyer hatchback with a 88.4 Super score in Dalluha ain’t bad.


I decided to start with an additional rule in place; no warning for part stress.

2580cc without a warning.


Well, this is a revved down, bored and stroked up, early F1 engine.

The first Renault Turbo F1 used to be 1.5L Turbo but got up to 1500hp for qualification.

Yes, in 1977, the turbo lag was about 4 seconds and its reliability gave it the nickname of the Yellow Teapot!

But going from a large single turbo to a twin smaller set up gave them less lag and more reliability and in 1979 it was the first win for a turbo’d engine.

Maybe this should be the new challenge a 1.5 V6 :rofl:


If only we could have 18,000 rpm and valves that could keep up.


Well, I did one that could hold 15K but valves are not rated over 12…

I couldn’t get better than 700hp…


Considering the cc, that’s the limit, basically.