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UR4 crashes on startup


no pro fam ^^
You can check specs needed on the steam page of the game ig :smiley:
If you need some advise on your next pc hmu lol


Ok after looking online and at our local pc store, I’ve came to conclusion PC gamers are millionaires! He was trying to sell me a $800 PC like it was cookies! PASS!!

So I found this in their used selection, the kid working didn’t know anything either so he couldn’t tell me much about it. Said it should handle anything I would want to do with it.




Lacks info on the graphic card, THAT is mostly what tells if you can run the game or not.


Ill try to find that out here shortly


One thing to try is this:

Depends on what graphics chip that Intel HD Graphics is… we got it to run on an Intel HD 4400 with ~25 FPS on low to medium settings. :slight_smile: If it is an Intel HD 3000 then you might have too little video memory on it.

You have a decent system otherwise, so if you buy a used 50 dollar gfx card you’d be golden for this and a lot of other games. Of course that is easier said than done if you’re not that into the PC tech stuff :confused:


Okay went and bought a new (to me) PC and thought I had everything downloaded. now its prompting me with something about a Microsoft direct x 3d


OK I have it figured out I think. Just waiting on the UR4 version to download now!




Good news! Welcome to UE4 :grin:


if you need a cheap graphic cards that can handle good shiet go for a 4gb RX460,
its about 140 Eu


Unfortuantly the cheapo pc I bought had a really low quality gpu so I’m stuck with low quality graphics, but honestly it still looks great!


with this you’re good for gta and fallout and others lol


Ill have that ordered soon hopefully, just pull the old one out and install the new one?


If the card already installed in the pc is an AMD, no problem apart from updating drivers. If it’s an Nvidia, you’ll have to make a clean install. If you have Intel, just plug and install drivers


You may need to look at your power supply too… Some GFX cards require power from the PSU.

I bought a manufacturer’s refurbished card for £40, Nvidia GTX 550 Ti, which worked great. It also had a full 12 month warranty but no leads (couple of £).


550ti was outdated a long time ago… Even for light gaming, you should have got a 750ti, mine was 80Eu and is much better, i ran GTA5 at 50 fps on medium high @TR8R


Please. This isn’t a computer construction thread so either start your own thread or take it to PM.




OKAY! After a couple days of playing I can say that this a HUGE improvement! Game runs sooo much smoother now! My PC isn’t up to par for sure though, can only run it at low quality, but I’m okay with this as I’m not a hardcore gamer and just enjoy being able to play.