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Ursula AG - Passion for Perfection


14 bucks and 1 cents. Take it or leave it!

If taken, have a little present from me: Part of my armpit hair!


It’s over.

And the winner is…nobody. You all lost. I’m not that stupid enough to sell my company for $1 lol. How the hell y’all can fell into my shitty April Fools joke? XD

Well, happy April Fools to y’all!

BTW, here’s the official giveaway of the brand new Ursula F7 right here.


Did I just get despacitoed?


All of this implies that Ursula AG is worth something.




PSA: If anyone’s wondering why my post keeps updating for no reason, that’s because I’m trying to load a video (from multiple sites) on this place, so don’t worry about something else.


Here’s an ad for the 1989 Ursula F5 350RS Turbo.
(originally for the CSR99, but cancelled because reasons)


Ursula F9 - The best or nothing.

MK1 (T90): 2015-2020

Prior to that, in 2010 Ursula has made a record sales year of 3.2 million vehicles sold under the brand itself. Thanks to the massive profits, Ursula opened a new plant in Mannheim, Germany the year after, for creating ultra high-end vehicles to compete with the likes of Rolls Royce, Bentley and other similar vehicles.

To compete with the automakers, Ursula originally wanted to create a new brand to differentiate against Ursula, but it was ultimately decided against it after Mercedes-Benz killing of its’ Maybach brand in 2013. They eventually decided using the Ursula nameplate for the high-end luxury vehicle.

Despite these news, development of the car has already on progress. The car’s development has started since 2006, although the recession made Ursula halted it’s development in 2008. However, thanks to better conditions and recovering economy the project, aptly named “T90” was revived under a new team led by Ursula’s chief engineer, Hans Dieter.

With more than 1 billion euros spent on development, the project finally came to fruition in 2015. As a (belated) celebration of Ursula’s 60th anniversary, the F9 was officially released in Frankfurt Auto Show that year. Produced exclusively at Ursula’s aforementioned plant in Mannheim, the F9 symbols the new flagship of Ursula, and the company’s official entry to the ultra-luxury market.

The F9 was carefully sculpted to create a new feel for every buyer, whether is a long-time Ursula aficionado or a new buyer who wants something different. The car was fully designed for both the driver and the passenger alike, and utilizing premium materials, with the highest quality.

Based from an all-new platform and AHS steel unibody chassis, the luxury sedan ensures much better safety, a better ride and handling from unique suspension tuning despite weighting as much as 2760 kilos. The only engine that moves the car is an all-new 6.0 liter turbocharged V12 DOHC generating 567 PS (417 kW) and 856 Nm of torque, giving the car a brisk 5.5 seconds run from standstill to 100 km/h. Top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h.

Besides that, the F9 is also a host of all-new tech. The F9 is the first-ever Ursula to have autonomous driving thanks to the advanced Smart Drive Assist system. The Smart Drive Assist system utilizes Level 3 automation (later models have Level 4 automation), and also the first Ursula to have external airbags, third-generation Ursula DriveSense active comfort suspension and a 48V power supply.

Inside the car there’s a host of ultra-luxury kit specially created for the car. Optional wool seats, 35-speaker sound system, self-darkening electric sunroof and a 11.5 inch infotainment cluster are just part of the car’s standard kit. Options are available too, ranging from choices of colours and interior combos to specialized optional equipment such as perfumed AC system and massaged seats.

The car is fully hand-built in Ursula’s Mannheim plant. A specialized team, consists only of 70 highly-skilled builders was formed to produce the car entirely by hand. Each car was built, inspected and tested for the highest standards by a group of experts. Thus, the production of each car could take up a week or more.

Thanks to it’s high quality and superb luxury, the car was chosen as the new official state car for the President of Germany starting from the year 2016, replacing the increasingly dated 2009 Ursula F71. But despite the honour, civilian models didn’t quite sold well to be exact. The major factor of this is it’s low availability (since each car needed to be hand-made), high price (the base models of the F9 cost more than USD 500,000, which is too expensive compared to it’s competition) and buyers have mostly started to buy SUVs instead of sedans.

This year, Ursula has officially confirmed that the F9 will be stopped production in 2020. Only 1600 units were produced, lower than expected. Despite that, the car is surprisingly, gave loads of profit to the company itself. Plans for a next-generation is still going underway, and unlike the first gen, the second-gen F9 will be only sold in it’s home country, and some rumors claimed that the new car will be fully-electric.

Nevertheless, the F9 is a symbol to make new roads for a increasingly shrinking market segment, and an ambitious yet failed attempt to create a new flagship for a new era.

1: Germany does have a president lol. Check Wikipedia for more info.
2: And yes, why would I really try to forgot this thread?


NEWS (14/5/19)

BREMEN: Ursula AG has officially acquired Malaysian automaker Permata Auto Berhad after a 10 year partnership. The purchase is held on 5:00 PM yesterday, and the whole purchase was worth at USD 400 million.
The purchase of Permata Auto helds a significant next step both companies. Firstly, it gave Ursula a new entry to the budget/mainstream market as the company’s original segment competitor, Martin-Wagner went upmarket in the recent years. Secondly, the purchase also means that Permata can fully utilize Ursula’s advanced resources to compete in the European market.
Meanwhile, Ursula confirms that Permata’s operations on it’s current markets were unaffected after the purchase.

History of Permata Auto

Permata Auto Berhad is a Malaysian automaker. The company’s headquarters is located in the city of Bandar Melaka in Melaka, Malaysia. The company specializes on producing budget cars and commercial vehicles to people with limited budgets.

Permata Auto started as a joint venture in 1980, which was then named as Syarikat Automobil Nasional Bhd. The joint venture was formed by Syarikat Pengankutan Nasional Bhd, a Malaysian GLC and Japanese automaker Chiba Heavy Works. Originally, the joint venture is made to produce rebadged Chiba automobiles for the Malaysian and the South East Asian market.
However, several difficulties and funding issues led the demise of the joint venture in 1985. But in 1987, Malaysian-born industrialists Mr. Lee Hong Yao and Mr. Mohammad Bin Abdul Jaffar purchased SAM Bhd together and renamed it as Permata Auto, and the company will be operated without government linkage.

In the year after (1988), Permata released their first car on the market, the Permata Aspire, a compact sedan. Despite it’s actually a rebodied Chiba Prodigy compact sedan, and equipped with a early 1980s SOHC engine at launch, the car’s low price and dependability made the Aspire a household name among Malaysians.

In the 90s, Permata started expanding their sales to other ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore, with varying levels of success. Back in Malaysia, with the Aspire being improved yearly, and the release of other new models made the company entered a golden age. However in 1997, the Asian economic crisis have made a tough year on automakers in Asia, and Malaysia is also severely affected. Despite this, with a strength of low price and high quality, the automaker have miraculously survived the catastrophic event.

The 2000s marks the decade of change for the company. Under new leadership of Dato’ Matthew John, the company started to diversify it’s lineup. At his leadership, the company launched several new automobiles under it’s name, and also have plans to move the brand upmarket. But with the company faced internal issues and the global recession, things started to went downhill. In 2008, sales of Permata vehicles went down from 120K in the 90s, to 50,000 vehicles in 2009, and the company was nearly bankrupt.

In 2009, Ursula AG has officially formed a partnership with Permata Auto. With expertise, technology and funding from Ursula, Permata Auto has finally returned a profit in 2010, with a lineup of new and improved vehicles. With the funding, Permata was able to develop new technologies, such as the innovative Matrix engine, better safety and higher build quality.

Today, Permata Auto is currently the largest automaker from South East Asia, and every year the company sold more than 400,000 vehicles in South East Asia, India, Bangladesh, Middle East, Central Asia, China, Japan and Australia. The company currently also has plans to sell vehicles to Europe in the near future.

Permata Auto's Current Lineup
Segment Model Year
A-Segment Car Atom 2001 - present
B-Segment Car Activ 1993 - present
C-Segment Car Aspire 1988 - present
D-Segment Car Aurora 1996 - present
B-Segment SUV Ascend 2010 - present
C-Segment SUV Axora 2006 - present
D-Segment SUV Avenir 2010 - present
B-Segment MPV Carrier 1997 - present
C-Segment MPV Carrier MAXX 1997 - present
Van E100 1990 - present
Pickup G100 2000 - present


(ahem sorry for the drivers,com plugin)

Ursula’s next F3 compact executive sedan leaked!

16/5/19 in Leaked
Reporter: Carol Lee (@carol_lee92)

ESSEN: It seems like an unknown user have got pictures from Ursula’s manufacturing plant in Essen, Germany. And yes, stop the questions. What you have seen is the spy photos of the upcoming 6th generation Ursula F3 compact sedan.
According to the pictures the next F3 will have an all-new look, as seen by the pictures from the car itself. A major difference of the new F3 is a larger grille, and of course an all-new indicator design similar to the Ursula FX1 and similar vehicles recently released by Ursula.

Another major difference is the inclusion of a redesigned rear bumper. A major indication of a redesign of the bumper will be the new shape of the fake exhaust, as well as whole new light design inspired by it’s big brother, the Ursula F5.

The signature side vents are also changed, too. The F3’s side vent seems to have 3 LED lights sitting each other, unlike the FX1’s single LED light design. We also have noticed a opening too, but we don’t have any info about it, so we are presuming that is a charging port system for the battery, as the model seems to be like a hybrid.

(18 Dec 2018: Next-gen Ursula F3 test mule spotted in Pearl City, Dalluha)

With the current F3 is getting long in the tooth, and increased pressure from the competition, it seems like Ursula isn’t going to quit either, since the compact executive is a big seller for the company. We can’t say anything about it right now, but we can tell you that the next F3 will be on this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show.


Ursula FX3 advert, year 2017 (I know, forgot the side mirrors)


And…guess who’s back?

Some info for y'all (if you don't really keep up with the news)

Also, if you’re wondering why I’m now named as BannedByAndroid, is just because I wanted to fully refresh my internet profiles (and also, reputation issues). And if you’re still concerned, yes, I am still the F12_OM I was. No people were changed in the process.

As a “celebration” of me returning to making cars for this German company again since, like a month ago, here’s yet another high-performance F5 executive sedan. But this time, it’s a 2002 Ursula F5 600RS-R, complete with a 413ps 4.3L V8 twin-turbo that moves the rear wheels. (not a saab 9-5 with a audi bumpers, I swear)

And yeah, I may have some degradation on my car designing skills due to a lack of activity so, sorry if that’s an issue to you.


Something menacing is coming.

Note: watch this vid in at least 1080p for best results.


As an apology to everyone on this server, I have decided that I’ll be giving all of my cars originally planned for this auction. Enjoy and have a nice day.

F7 - 700X Prototype.car (37.0 KB)

F5 - RE-12.car (38.3 KB)

And oh, of course, I have also decided to post another car as a small gift. This one is also planned to be sold in the auction but due to some issues it couldn’t be sold. Therefore, I have decided to give everyone a chance to drive this (shitty) 80s compact car right here:

Aspire - 1.4ES.car (31.3 KB)

For the apology letter itself, click this link below.


Ursula FE5 (1995 - 2010) - Everyone’s welcome.

(Shown here is the MY1995 FE5 200)


Legends dont die, they only evolve.




While the new F3 and the T1 was officially revealed to the public in IAA at Frankfurt, Ursula AG has also revealed the eV4 500 Prologue concept electric coupe SUV in an other event located in Beijing, China. Powered by a twin electric motor setup, and coupled with a 85 kWh battery gave the coupe SUV a claimed max range of 500 km (WLTP) and 330 kW of boosted power.

Produced solely by carbon fiber, the car is lighter while being much safer on the road. Despite all other technical innovations in the car, the eV4 Prologue is solely built from production ready tech, which showcases Ursula’s renowned high-tech manufacturing process.

A production-ready version of the vehicle is confirmed, but yet to be commenced. Stay tuned.