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USDMFTWs Car Reviewing | Deader than a Doornail


I know im reviving an old thread here but:
I had some of the reviews completed but had a more time intensive schdule and could get no one to help out with the writing of the reviews. The ones i completed were really rushed and never posted them because they were not really the quality i wanted. The game version changed and i generally lost intrest in the game in general and picked up on other games in my spare time.

To respond to some of the above post, the writing was pretty rewarding but it took up too much of my time and other things take priority over that. I really didnt have an issue with bad cars as thats the point of reviewing, how do you know your car is bad if you have no compairson. Reviewing lets people correct their mistakes and make a better car, in fact, i would prefer to review bad/below average cars as it makes the writing easier as you get alot of material to write about(pointing out flawed design decisions etc.). And its generally nice to help someone with the game, as there are alot of people who pick this up due to the tycoon parts of the game, and have little automotive knowledge that is needed to be competetive even in the lite campaign state.

That being said, the UE4 version later this month looks intresting and fresh. I still have all the scoring sheets to use to review cars. If i can get some writers willing to help on a regular basis, ill have no issues putting out reviews as i have the entire summer(until late august) off. I enoyed writing these and would like to enjoy it again. My schedule is pretty stable this year as im no longer changing colleges/jobs, so i dont expect to disappear again.

Once the UE4 beta opens ill build some cars and adjust the scoring where needed(if needed) and accept some submissions.

Also, to prevent having a massive back up of review cars, i would probably limit the amount of cars ill accept per week, or another way would be to let everyone submit cars, and let the community vote on which cars to review for the week.

Writer Info:
General Requirements:
Willing to write at least once a week

I dont have any specific requirements such as age etc. As long as you meet the above.

For those looking to help me write, send me a PM and be ready when the UE4 beta launches. Your job would be to write the review based on my scoring and comments on the car and then your thoughts on the car(you get the car file as well). You can write however you want, in any style you want, and ill review and accept it if its up to par for this thread(refer to previous reviews for examples).

I can score cars pretty quickly, in about 20 mins or so, so more writers means more cars reviewed in a faster time frame(if that many are submitted/have that many writers).

Id like to keep this as a regular thing as it was enjoyable to write about cars that other people made, no car was ever the same and each car was different even if in the same class as others.

Like ive said above, if i can get some reliable writers to help out, content on this thread could easily be done weekly. I would like to do 2 reviews a week once the beta starts.

So, if you have read the above and went to help writing, please PM me. If you any questions/comments/ideas reply in this thread.


It’s nice to know that you will return to reviewing other users’ cars. But does that mean that the reviews will not resume until the UE4 beta arrives?


Correct, im going to wait until the UE4 beta arrives, and hopefully ill have a writer by then since no one has shown interest yet.


If this becomes active again I would be very willing to submit something for review!


Sure, you might be the guinea pig to see how exporting works with the UE4 version.


Still looking for some writers, if you are intrested please PM me, the beta arrives on the 26th of May!

Ill also have a surprise announcement soon, scrolling up may be a hint…:sunglasses:



As previously planned and as a sending off to the old Kei game engine. Ill be holding a car challenge.

You are building a new MY 2018 Car for the new economy focused compact car segment. Your car should appease owners needs for the segment. Steam Workshop mods are allowed. If a mod is found to be unrealistic, it will be banned from competition. Example. Bodies with absurdly low drag/silly morphing

The Rules are as follows:

  1. 40 MPG(US) Minimum
  2. Front Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive, Engine MUST be placed in the front
  3. Maximum Cost of 20,000 in the Market Tab at 0% markup
  4. Must be a 4 door sedan or 5 door hatchback.
  5. Model Year 2018
  6. Must Include all Driver Assist(no launch control)
  7. Advanced Safety Only
  8. Regular Unleaded 86.5 AKI ONLY

Mazda 3
Hyundai Elantra
Ford Focus
Ford Fiesta
Honda Civic

Any questions or suggestions before the rules are locked into place?

Cars must be submitted to me and adhere to the rules by May 21 at 11:59PM EST.

I will only accept 5 cars for this challenge, first come, first serve basis. Please include compact car challenge in the message and somewhere in the car file.

Accepted Entries:

  1. phale Adenine Cadence
  2. abg7 ahertono
  3. ramthecowy Cavallera Argus
  4. Yurimacs Zast Automobiles
  5. szafirowy01 Zavir Luna VI


Oh damn, the Argus is perfect for this! Don’t think I’ll make it on time :unamused:


Oh Damn, the Armada Fore Gen V is perfect for this, gotta go fast!


I would have a longer deadline, but i need it by this weekend due to the UE4 beta coming out so i can finish the review before the UE4 version comes out.


Any limitations to the wheelbase length?


Nope, as long as you can meet the above requirements your car will be fine.


Is it okay if the model year is 2016 but the trim 2018?


Sure, should give the same exact values stat wise, or atleast close to a 2018 model years stats.


should the car have 5 seats ONLY?


Can be 4 or 5 seats.


Any updates on newly accepted entries?


All cars have been checked and approved, one slot is left.


Long ago, before the announcement of the UE4 open beta, I actually planned to submit a car for a stand-alone review, but was too indecisive to do so. However, after the UE4 update arrives, I will fast-track that plan - and use your feedback to improve whatever I have chosen to submit.


All 5 car slots have been filled and accepted, review process will start soon.