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USDMFTWs Car Reviewing | Deader than a Doornail


Btw are the factory settings still not exporting? I remember having to send them to you with a screenshot.


No, killrob said they would take a look at fixing that, but they still do not export.


There is (theorically) a work around to export factories
1 rename the automation folder in my documents
2 start automation and create the car you want. Set the factories and all of that. Export vehicule.
3 go into the automation folder, inside the factories folder you’ll find a Lua. Since you only have made a car, there is only one factory.
4 send the zip and the factory Lua.
5 install them
6 ???


I know you can do that, but some people still dont even know the games export button exist, let alone do that.


Sorry for the lack of updates, has been a very busy week. To make it up, ill post the entire hypercar challenge by sunday. Also expect a regular review sometime in the next few days.


Hello, this is the second part of the hypercar challenge. It was suppose to be 100% completed, but i simply didnt have the time to do so, it took 5 hours just to do these parts here. Im simply not going to rush and release an inferior piece of content. The 3rd and final part of the review should be out by the end of the week.


KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport:
Being the only RWD car in this comparison, we expected this car to be the hardest to drive, and we were definitely correct. That being said, for 1001 horsepower being sent to the rear wheels the car is not really that violent. You can still spin the car out if you use to much right foot in the corners, like any RWD car with alot of power. But, if you drive with any common sense you will have little issue driving this car. It is surprisingly, a very neutral handling car, with hints of understeer at high speeds. The car also exhibits a small amount of wheelspin, thanks to MASSIVE 395mm tires in the rear, and 325mms in the front, the rear grip is huge. The car also features all forms of driver assist, and we recommend to keep them enabled while on the street. The 6 speed manual is excellent, top notch quality, very easy to use on the street, gears are easy to find and the clutch pedal feel is perfect. The Twin Turbo engine also has minor turbo lag and a pretty linear powerband. That being said, the car is a very fast and light, any inexperienced driver will simply not be able to handle it the sheer speed of this automobile.

KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport Score: 5.8/10

Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD:
This is the first AWD car we sat in and drove, and after getting out of the RWD car we remember why AWD is so common place on high power cars. The first thing that we noticed, ironically is that wheelspin in this car is worse than the KHT Eau Rouge , but only in the first 3 gears. Launching this car is a handful, expect the car to do everything but go straight, even when using the built in launch control. You would expect a car with 365mms in the rear, and 295mms front to not have this behavior, but the car is a small displacement V8, and relies heavily on turbos to make power. The engine, with severe turbo lag and extremely short gears makes the wheelspin ridiculous and violent. Since we have already mentioned launch control, the car also included all other driver assist, expect to put those to good use here as well. While not launching, the AWD system keeps the car in check, along with the cars tendency to understeer in corners.

Despite the previous praise of the manual in the KHT, the Dual Clutch transmission here is just simply easier drive with, because well, its an automatic when you want it to be. Overall, its another 1000 horsepower car, except with AWD and a dual cluth transmission.

Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD Score: 6.3/10

Miller 434 MS-8:
We have yet another AWD car here. At Least in the driveability department, this car AWD system fairs better than the one found in the Lillith. Launching this car is predictable, with minimal wheelspin. The reason behind this is much smoother and linear powerband, along with more traction thanks to its higher weight. The car unfortunately falls short in other aspects, it exhibits extreme oversteer at any speed. Its pretty much guaranteed to spin out unless you keep all of the included driver assist on, they will effect the car often. The car features all of the latest driver assist technology, like the other 2 cars.

Like the KHT, this car features a 6 speed manual, this manual is simply not up to par with the unit in the KHT. It just simply is not as high of quality as the one found in the KHT. Its harder to find gears and the clutch pedal feels spongy, but its still a good unit and its always nice to see a manual in a hypercar.

Miller 434 MS-8 Score: 6.0/10

Winner: Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD
Thanks to its more understeering nature and transmission choice, it slips by with the win in this category.

Performance and Sportiness
For the first part of this section, lets put a focus onto the Engines of each car.

KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport:
This car features a 7 Liter Twin Turbo Crossplane DOHC V8. The engine offers minimal turbo lag and a very smooth torque curve after 3700 rpms. The engine has good throttle response and great reliability. We also prefer the crossplane roar over the flatplane wail. Our only complaint is that horsepower is very peaky, but still linear at the top end.

Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD:
This car features a 4.4 Liter Twin Turbo Flatplane DOHC V8. This engine is much smaller than the big 7L engines of its competitors, so it reaps the weight savings. Unfortunately the weight savings are not enough. This engine relies on turbos to make power, so turbo lag is severe and throttle response suffers because of that. Besides that, we find the torque curve to be pretty flat after the turbo spools around 4800rpm. Reliability also suffers here thanks to the higher rpm operation, but is still good. The same peaky horsepower complaint as the KHT power plant is here too, though the high rpm power delivery is just a bit better here. We prefer the crossplane sound, but a 9500rpm redline flatplane engine still sounds great.

Miller 434 MS-8
This car features a 7.1 Liter Twin Turbo Crossplane MOHV V8. We were disappointed with this engine, big time. The first and biggest complaint is the turbo lag, the turbos take literally a century to spool. Which gives the engine very poor throttle response. Once the turbos spool power is flat and linear, but changing gears or anything makes this engine honestly a dog. Did we also mention it makes the least power in the group as well? On a positive note, this engine is the most reliable, mostly thanks to it being the lowest revving engine in the group.

Winner for best engine: KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport
The engine here has the best throttle response, and least amount of turbo lag while still maintaining a good torque curve and high rpm power.

We then lined up each car on the test track and strapped ourselves in for the ride.

Lets get straight to the performance numbers

KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport: 2.5 seconds
Miller 434 MS-8: 2.8 seconds
Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD: 2.4 seconds

¼ Mile time
KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport: 9.18 seconds
Miller 434 MS-8: 10.26 seconds
Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD: 9.06 seconds

Standing Kilometer

KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport: 16.14 seconds
Miller 434 MS-8: 18.06 seconds
Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD: 16.14 seconds

Braking 62-0mph:
KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport: 87 feet
Miller 434 MS-8: 99 feet
Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD: 91 feet

The results here are surprising, its clearly a 2 car race here. The Miller 434 MS-8 is just simply not on the performance level of the other 2 cars for some pretty simple reasons. It is the least powerful car of the group and is also the heaviest, by around half a ton, it is the slower car here, but still fairs very well in the braking test despite its weight. Despite that, the Miller is still a very fast car. Traction off the line is great and power is good as long as you powershift to keep the turbos spooled. The car is great fun with the 6 speed manual and 80% rear torque bias. Do some more tuning on the engine and put the car on a diet and it would become a 3 car race.

Miller 434 MS-8 Score: 8.6/10

Onto the other 2 cars. The KHT, despite being just ever so slightly slower than the Lilith made all of our test drivers need new pants. Alot of people believe that RWD can not accelerate as hard as AWD, we would call them full of shit, because it does. We have never had a street legal RWD car get off the line this hard. I have to say again this is a street car, not Larry Larsons 66 Chevy II, not a purpose built drag car, and its close to an high 8 second ¼ mile ET. The massive 395mms rear tires and consistent and easy to use launch control allowed a RWD car, with a 6 speed manual to be .1 seconds slower to 62mph than an AWD car, very, very impressive. After the 1/8th mile the KHT begins to slowly, but surely reels in the Lillith. The Lilith is still able to slightly be ahead of the KHT at the quarter mile, but the longer the track is, the less distance between the two cars. The KHT finally reels in the Lilith at the standing kilometer, posting the same 16.14 seconds, but the KHT having a 7mph higher trap speed. The car also stops slightly faster than the Lilith, by a small 4 feet. A very impressive performance from a car that is not only RWD but has a much slower transmission, a manual will never even be close to the speed of a dual clutch. That being said, the KHT stays true to the best driver experience, RWD and a manual will always be extremely fun and rewarding to drive.

KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport Score :9.8/10
The very first 10(rounded up) i have ever given in a non-cost category.

The Lilith is slightly faster. But not as impressive as the KHT. The 0-62 sprint is slightly faster, but is very violent with all of that wheel spin and turbo lag. The car slowly pulls further ahead of the KHT in the quarter mile. This car, though fast, is just not as good fun as the KHT. The gearbox is lighting fast, going through gears faster than almost any car on the planet. The AWD system and the tires cant contain the power of the engine, but it still offers extreme grip and does offer the best performance despite being 4 feet short on braking. We expecting this car to be the fastest, but we though the margin was going to be quite a bit bigger. This car still impressed us alot, but its not not the manual RWD bucket of fun found in the drivers seat of the KHT.

Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD Score: 9.6/10

Winner: KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport
The Lilith simply cant offer the driving pleasure of the RWD manual KHT, and the Lilith is not substantially faster than the KHT.

Lets get straight to the track times and skidpad results.

Skidpad Results:
KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport: 1.34gs @ 20 meters | 1.56gs @ 250 meters
Miller 434 MS-8: 1.13gs @ 20 meters 1.31gs @ 250 meters
Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD: 1.26g @ 20 meters | 1.53gs @ 137.2 meters

Airfield Track Laptime
KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport: 1:06:24
Miller 434 MS-8: 1:12:91
Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD 1:06:.20

Automation Track Laptime
KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport: 1:51:14
Miller 434 MS-8: 2:02:20
Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD: 1:51:03

Once again, we find ourselves with a 2 car race. The same problems that plagued the Miller 434 MS-8 in the previous test hurt it here aswell. The weight was the biggest factor here, being almost 1000 pounds heavier than the competition on the track really hurt the Miller 434. Its still a fast car, but is not as fast as the others. Its also the hardest to drive around the track, it ,loves to oversteer. Coming out of the corner is also a problem, after braking and letting off the throttle, you have to get on the throttle early to re-spool the turbos to bring back the power. If you hit the go pedal to late, you get substandard power, hit it to early, your going to spin out. The car is still good, but not at the level of performance we not expect from the other 2 cars.

Miller 434 MS-8 Score: 8.3

We got another very close race between the RWD KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport and the AWD Gryphon Gear Lilith. These cars are pretty much a virtual tie, with the Lilith being just slightly faster. Its the same story again, the Lilith is the slightly faster car, but is not as fun, nor drives as well as the KHT. The Lilith for us, has a little too much understeer at higher speeds, but still has insane amounts of grip. Like the previous Gryphon Gear car we tested, slightly wider front tires would solve this problem and make the car more neutral, but a very minor complaint.

Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD Score: 9.5/10

The KHT impresses us again, being able to keep up with the Lilith on a race track aswell. The car is very neutral on the track despite being RWD, the massive rear tires offer extreme grip. The car has pretty much no wheelspin on corner exit. It also manages to do all of this with standard springs, and active dampers and sway bars. Once again the KHT is slightly slower, but offers a better driving experience around the track than the Lilith.

KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport Score: 9.6/10

Winner: KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport
Once again, the Lilith simply cant offer the driving pleasure and enjoyment of the RWD manual KHT, and the Lilith is not substantially faster around the track to merit it a higher score than the KHT.


As much as it grinds my gears to admit it, I understand the prevailing argument that if a car is to utilise a M-AWD format and dual clutch sequential, it’s going to need the proper chops to prove its worth, and that means slaying its competitors around the track. [color=red]Lilith[/color] just isn’t managing this, largely, I suspect, due to the natural limitations of the body chosen in both engine displacement and aerodynamics. KHT undoubtedly has the superior platform that was packaged superbly to offer the same speed with more fun.

There is only one solution: we must go faster.


Oh, God, this is going to escalate, isn’t it? :smiley:

In any case, I chose 6 spd manual simply because it’s lighter, most of the choices were made to accomodate to that (well, apart from the engine size, since I decided to rely heavily on the displacement to get the engine to bite less). And lightness is speed. The fact that 2 such different cars post times separated my 100ths of second is such a surprise to me

Thanks for the reviews, USDMFTW


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All yours for $500,000 and a 7 year waiting list. :wink:


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I can say I’m honestly embarrassed for the 434. Hopefully it’ll do better in the final portion. Good review as always.


Even I don’t have experience in the supercar territory, I though I could give it a try, then I saw Strop and Squidhead will be in the comparision, and I felt like:

Or to use a more aerodynamic body :grin:

Good review and nice cars! Can’t wait to see the 3rd part.


Here it is, the final part of the hypercar challenge, thank you guys for putting up with the delays, and thank you for submitting cars and reading my content.



Comfort is not a strong suit for a hypercar, but all of these cars but one really did meet our expectations for comfort.

The KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport was the worst by a pretty big margin. That rock you sit on to take a break after hiking in the woods is honestly more comfortable than this car. Many factors contribute to this, such as the extreme level of power and the manual transmission. The two biggest factors are the suspension, and interior. Hitting a bump in this car literally feels like a pine cone is being shoved up your ass, it will break you on the slightest imperfection in the pavement. Then there is the interior, we are pretty sure the interior designer showed up drunk to work, and thought he was working on KHTs secret Russian shitbox. You literally have 2 seats that feel and look like they were pulled out of a lada, and you dont even get a radio. But why, WEIGHT REDUCTION BRO. Besides that, this cars comfort level is comparable to Fred Flintstones foot powered car.

KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport Score: 3.4/10

After breaking our ass in the KHT, the Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD felt like a Bentley, but, lets not get carried away. This cars comfort is pretty equal to a normal everyday car, which is great. The transmission can be put into automatic mode for easy cruising. You can also modify engine and transmission characteristic with the click of a button for easy public road use. The suspension is still harsh, but wont break your ass. This car also has an actual interior, with nice comfortable but sporty seats, and an actual usable radio that sounds quite nice. Much better than the KHT but still second place.

Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD Score: 5.2/10

The Miller 434 MS-8 was the most comfortable car here, but not by much. The car does have a manual, so it lacks the automatic mode of the Lilith, but the MS-8 does a better job almost everywhere else. The suspension is slightly softer, and is adjustable with a click of a button, unlike the other 2. We also find a very similar sporty interior setup as the Lilith, but just a tad bit worse. The reason this car takes the victory in this section is the premium 8 inch touchscreen system. No one else here has a touchscreen system with 6 speaker audio and navigation along with other fancy features. Though not the highest quality unit, its the only one here which gives it the edge over the Lilith.

Miller 434 MS-8 Score: 5.4/10


All of these cars do fairly well in safety, thanks to their use of stiff carbon tubs and carbon body panels. One car is well above the rest here though, and that is the Miller 434 MS-8. The Miller is the heaviest car and also features the best combination and quality of advanced safety features. You have your normal features such as airbags, but you get lane assist, automatic braking and a reverse camera. Its almost impossible to get into a wreck in this vehicle

Miller 434 MS-8 Score: 8.4/10

The KHT scored the in the middle. It features no fancy safety features like the Miller, but uses decent quality basic safety features. This car will not prevent a crash like the Miller, but will still protect the driver thanks to the high tech carbon fiber construction.

KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport Score: 6.8/10

The Lilith was most unsafe, but not by much. This car contains very low quality and outdated safety features. It still has standard airbags, but the “advanced” safety features were just simply subpar compared to the Miller and even the KHT that has little electronics.

Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD Score: 6.5/10


A fairly easy category to score. The KHT and the Lilith are within a few thousand of each other in price and both offer almost identical performance for the price. The Lilith gets slightly better fuel economy and has better comfort. The Miller is the cheapest of the bunch, coming in at 160,000 less than the other 2 cars but does not provide as much performance, and has the worst fuel economy.

The Miller is able to scrape by and get a win here thanks to the substantial difference in price, while the Lilith gets second place thanks to it being the better overall car for almost the same money as the KHT.

Miller 434 MS-8 Score: 8.3/10

Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD Score: 8.2/10

KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport Score: 8.0/10


For being hyper cars you could expect some pretty horrible and expensive problems, but all 3 cars surprised us. All 3 cars were just as, if not more reliable than the most normal cars.

To no surprise, the KHT is the most reliable. It features the least amount of electronics out of the 3 cars here. It has no radio, no fancy safety equipment and a regular manual transmission. The engine also features top notch components with a conservative redline.

KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport Score: 9.4/10

The Miller is the runner up here. It has the most reliable engine, thanks to having the lowest redline and the same high quality internal components. It also is the second car with a manual transmission. This car does have the most electronics, and does suffer slightly from that, but they are mostly high quality and will have minimal problems.

Miller 434 MS-8 Score: 9.0/10

The Lilith is the most unreliable car of the trio, but not by much. The engine is the most unreliable part of the car simply because of its much higher rpm operation and high levels of boost. The transmission is also more complex and less reliable than a manual transmission. These 2 reasons alone netted the Lilith the worst score here, but not a score to be ashamed of.

Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD Score: 8.7/10

KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport: 9.65/10
Miller 434 MS-8: 9.3/10
Gryphon Gear Lilith AWD: 9.62/10

The WINNER IS the KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport by an extremely slim margin. Congratulations to Squidhead for winning the Hypercar Challenge, written by USDMFTW



Also, as you may have noticed, the interior quality category is missing, i decided to fold that category in with the comfort category in this review and any other review completed after this post. It was a rather odd category to be on its own, so all the calculations from Interior quality are now under the comfort category.

I will also start another challenge in a similar format to this one once my schedule calms down, so any ideas for that can be posted in this thread.


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That’s not a bad showing all things told. Nice job to Squidhead of KHT, managing to deliver all the thrill of a hypercar PLUS the purity of a manual transmission. No mean feat these days.

Given the choices I made, I expected to be spanked by a much wider margin. There is good news and bad news: Lilith is a prototype, and as it stands, is unlikely to make production (and now that the prototype has mostly outlived its usefulness, we’re quite likely to give it to our tame racing driver, because aside from his shitty daily, his other car will break your ass in more ways than one). Much more likely is that the design features (it was mainly an exercise in aesthetics) are brought up to date with the body manufacturing processes that GG is more accustomed to.

Some of the zingers in the reviews were truly scorching. I was well entertained, so thanks for writing USDMFTW.


That’s an awesome review, and I did not feel very comfortable with anything that was not performance aspects of the car, but it sort of pulled itself through. Also the voting proper would be done by customer wallets. Miller is the car people will buy, simply because

  1. It’s affordable compared to others.
  2. It’s not as extreme
  3. It actually exists, since GG is a prototype and KHT is manufactured in such small numbers you can’t get one anyway. So I’d say Stickmaster is the winner here, at least in the “real world”, where selling cars matters. On paper sure, KHT is exciting in a way being shot is exciting and GG is a great technical achievement, like bringing a Mac into an abacus class, but once we go with "but which of these would be of benefit to the company, both GG and KHT only get the publicity and a bit of new experience, while Miller gets the actual buyers.


Once again USDMFTW, you never cease to amaze. Definitely going to improve the performance aspects of the 434, seeing that everything else is good on it.


I dont know what the next challenge will be, the community decided on hypercars, so ill wait and see what people want. I do have an idea in mind, but any class of car can be done.

Also, thank you guys for reading and enjoying the reviews. I hope to get caught up on the normal reviews, quite a few in my inbox that i have not even looked at yet.