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USDMFTWs Car Reviewing | Deader than a Doornail



Normal review submissions are closed until i can get caught up with the 15 or so i have that are not completed.


We don’t often see SUVs around here. How about a family SUV challenge?


As a member of PC master race, I’m not sure how to feel about this :sweat_smile:

Haha just kidding. Though it is true that the higher tier GG cars are less user friendly and more geared towards power users who aren’t afraid to explore the car systems and advanced configuration. Lilith would have been mid-tier so would have had some manettino action going on but there would be a degree of user led customisation in those profiles.


Expect a few reviews to be posted this week as i get caught up after the holiday weekend.

Reminder submissions are still closed for reviews as i need to get caught up on them.

Also, if someone has a suggest for the next 5 car(hopefully) comparison, post it here, one vote for SUVs so far.


How about a hot hatch comparison? hahaha, just kidding. I think it will be interesting a comparison between eco cars, maybe… eco sports cars! :smiling_imp:


Like I said in the other thread… I’d love to do eco or eco sport :smiley:


What about a Luxury Sport Sedan comparison? :slight_smile:


hhhmmmm I am going outside the box…French/Spanish medium cars or eco


Eco sport is interesting. How eco is eco?


Since we have so much interest in eco, lets lock that in as the next challenge.

I would say 40 MPG (US) would be a good minimum?, ill figure out cost later when i have my desktop in front of me. What other restrictions/limits should be imposed?


Are we going to eco cars that we shop around for, or are we going for ‘how fast can we make this car for this much petrol?’

Because if it’s the latter, then I’ve got something ready to roll already :imp:


Why not both, if you can make the car appeal to the customer base. Keep in mind that certain categories are weighted like they always are. So good characteristics of a cheap and practical economy car will be scored well compared to characteristics most eco buyers would give zero fucks about.


Yay! This will hopefully be a nice counterpart to the efficient future challenge. I think fuel type and year are also going to be important.


Economy car? Totally gonna make an economy sports car because why noooooooooooooot.


just reopened this thread. and was this.

yaaaassss eco car. i’m totally gonna enter a toned down phyton from the ARTC, and use that as a marketing purposes. muahahaha


To be honest, if I were ever to submit a car for this thread, whether for a standalone review or a comparison, I would prefer to score as high a rating as possible in every category, rather than scoring very well in some of them and poorly in others. But I had no doubt that the KHT Eau Rouge Rennsport would have won the hypercar challenge, although I also had no idea how close the three entrants would be in the final rankings.

Anyway, is this thread still active? I hope so - we can’t let it go to waste.


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@USDMFTW still has 15 reviews to complete, but has not done so thus far.


And he never will. 15 reviews are a lot to do, and by the time he finishes, some might be not relevant (not to mention the balancing changes that has been in automation since those cars were send over).

As you can tell for the reviews subforum doing reviews are not a simple or easy, must of the new/young users came with the idea for a new magazine but never deliver (they receive the cars and then dissappear from the forum, or they crash into a hard wall when they realize they don’t have the time [but they do have the time to be in the forum/build cars :expressionless: ])

The main problem is that for reviewing a car you go under a lot of work and time, and at the end the review is only relevant to the guy that made the car and maybe a couple of other guys, and it feels sort of a wasted energy when you receive little feedback, specially once the novelty wears off.


You get straight to the point. It is not an easy task and very little rewarding.
Even because sometimes the car submitted are not good.

The formula of the best 2 cars comparison worked good for me and Pyrlix in Automationeer. And also the writings is not easy if you want to keep the person interested in reading.
But it takes time… especially if you want to run the competition too.