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USDMFTWs Car Reviewing | Deader than a Doornail


I want to see a hot hatch comparison! :slight_smile: But either something like Civic type R competitors or Fiesta ST competitors. When it is mixed between the two it just gets a bit unfair.


But speedemon, we’ve had like… Just about every car comparison we have had on these forums is either hot hatch or sports sedan! Surely it’s time for something a bit more different than that.

There’s a disproportionate number of hypercar manufacturers here. Why not really put them to the test?


Hypercars would be interesting, but they vary so much that a real comparison would be difficult to do without imposing restrictions that limit design choice.


I think you’d have to decide just how much to weigh the principal themes: performance, presence, livability (at least as far as the modern hypercar is concerned).


All the classes of cars already have specific score weights based on their real world counterpart class and in-game class.


The market tab won’t account for subjective evaluation of “presence” (prestige is based on its components and stats). Comfort as a single stat is also not a good measure of livability, unless you analyse the components of drivability according to torque curve and handling characteristics. The presence and absence of multimode suspension e.g. active sport/comfort will also affect the car’s versatility beyond simply affecting the drivability score. That is to say, there’s a lot of scope for assessing the cars beyond the scoring metric, even though the scoring metric is already quite sophisticated for what it does.


The in-game scores play a big part on how reviewers score cars, the game calculations do a pretty good job and reflect design choices pretty accurately. The in-game calculations are pretty complex and cover all aspects of your design. Such as drive ability having 3 base values, and 21 other calculations that combine into that single score.


I had a wall of text prepared in reply to your last post. The larger the wall became, the more I realised, I don’t understand the point of your post. Are you saying the numbers reflect the car well enough that there’s no need to add any editorial or speculate on what the numbers may reflect in terms of the experience of a car? What does this mean in terms of reviewing hypercars, as opposed to anything else? And what then is the point of doing anything more than posting all the screenshots of the stats in detail for everybody to draw their own conclusions?


I simply said the game does a good job with its calculations, i didnt say anything about not having other calculations for my reviews. Do you just like giving me a hard time or something strop :stuck_out_tongue:

Your also just way over thinking a simple statement ***“All the classes of cars already have specific score weights based on their real world counterpart class and in-game class.”
***If you look at the review format there are a total of 8 scored categories, without weighting, each category is 12.5% of the cars total score. In the case of a hyper car(you can argue the definition of hyper car all day long the internet), such as a Lamborghini Aventador, the performance and sportiness and handling categorizes have a higher weight to them, each being worth 18.75%, in contrast comfort and cost have a lower weight, and thus worth 6.25% each. Just a simple way to adjust a cars overall score based on what a customer(in my opinion) would be looking for when buying a car in that class.

The weighting based on the class of car is also mentioned, in large bright orange text, in the first post, just not exact % like i outlined here.

I dont understand how such a simple statement can lead to something as silly as saying i only use in-game calculations, or dont do any speculation.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to give you a hard time. I was having an honest difficulty in keeping track of where the conversation was going, and what the point was. We can probably attribute at least half of that to my being sleep deprived :stuck_out_tongue: (Working a disco shift then catching a long distance train before dawn is not my idea of a good night’s sleep).

Let’s go back to the point before I got confused, in that case:

This certainly seems true in the real world, which is why I got wrapped up in the whole tangent about what kind of things about a hypercar simple numbers couldn’t express. But probably the more sensible question to ask is, given that even the variability can be broken down reliably, as you say, into values of meaningful attributes, then what kind of design choices would require restriction?


No invite to the disco? Kappa

To be honest, i cant think of anything that would make the comparison “realistic” without limiting design choices, which a hyper car is all about crazy design choices. Maybe a cost restriction(pretty high limit) so people have to make some different design choices other than +15 on every quality slider, and so a car does not have a 500 year engineering/build time.

1 million dollar cost limit comes to mind


Funnily enough I could at this point also recommend the ‘competitiveness’ score be a certain minimum, because if the car is simply too expensive and goes too far out of budget, then it’s not sellable as a hypercar according to the game.

Though I think that too is a bit limiting. I’m ok with implementing a certain price range plus suggesting points for the car’s “rarity” i.e. how small a factory you use to build it. For example if you build tiny, the cost of the car rises significantly but this means higher exclusivity.

p.s. disco shift at the hospital, you don’t want none o that. I’m just happy I’m not the A&E doc anymore, so many cars crashing on the highway over public holidays…


Well, we can make it official.

When the open beta completes, and becomes a stable release, we will be holding a Hypercar challenge.

Restrictions: Subject to change
Model Year 2017
1 Million Dollar Max price

Example Hyper Cars: Ferrari Enzo, Koenigsegg CCGT

Ill be accepting 5 cars total, you can reserve your spot now.
Check main post to check to see how many spots are open.


To make the challenges a bit more close, why not you give them an example of a hypercar that could enter to the competition? For example: Hennessey Venom GT or Keonigsegg Regera. This would hopefully make them build a car like it and then the cars could compete better. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a good idea, added to the post.


I’ll sign up for one of those spots!


You have spot 1 reserved!


A Hypercar comparison? Haven’t seen one of those in yeeeeers.


I know how you feel about hypercars, wild German :stuck_out_tongue: but the fact it hasn’t been done for a very long time is exactly why I’m pushing for one!

Model year 2017? Completed open beta? Perfect. I’d like to reserve a spot.


I’d be more than happy to enter this as the laughing stock of the group.