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USDMFTWs Car Reviewing | Deader than a Doornail


Which is why that section has no score, i dont like it, you may like it.


You really think that? Thanks! :slight_smile: But it is from his perspective and I can see why he doesn’t like the overall design.


While we’re debating the looks, I’d agree that the design is very well put together… but I’m personally not a fan either.

Polarising isn’t bad, however. I applaud guts. For example, the wrong-sloped rear window of the 2004 Megane hatch was very polarising. It wasn’t to my tastes, but I thought it was brilliant in its quirkiness. Being quirky as opposed to downright bad is a bit of an artform, and I feel this car is a good example of that in action.


So the beta has became stable…


We should have some tech limits for the hypercar battle, I think. Or just "anything goes, work them sliders all to +15?


I agree. We should have some requirements for the hypercar challenge. For example to make it road legal you should only be allowed to use up to 98 octane fuel.


The beta has indeed been released and is now stable.
Full details for the hypercar challenge below, for those 5 who already reserved their spots.

MY 2017
MAX COST: 500000 After you have selected all factory options, still in the same Market tab as before. This limit INCLUDES your added % cost to the car.

Monocoque Chassis
Up to Super 93.1 AKI unleaded fuel only

Anything else goes, this is a hypercar challenge. So for examples, the Aventador, MP4-12C, Ferrari Enzo, 599 GTO

Your car must be submitted, working and adhere by the rules, by the end of Sunday, April 24th.

Any, questions comments before i lock these rules in place?


Will you still be accepting reviews for outside the Hypercar Showdown to do in the meantime?


Yes, but they may be delayed due to working on the hyper car challenge.


Of course.


I’m down for this. Tech year?

EDIT: thanks!


I had it in the orginal post but forgot to add it to the new one.


Aw crap, my car already had some factory settings fiddled with because I was using it to beta test. I’m going to have to find a way to restore it to default because the prices go pretty crazy depending on what you do!


Yea, so many variables with the factory options, so i would just rather skip those for the cost part anyways. The variance would be pretty insane.


Does this mean I’m going to have to rebuild my car from scratch? Because it takes a long time to get all the fixtures aligned right!


@strop Could you not make a new trim with identical settings?


I’ll just have to screenshot my design choices with a new model entirely if @USDMFTW allows it. Factory settings also take into account multiple trims being built for the same model, so my habit of building multiple prototypes will confuse it.


You could do that as long as it does not effect the performance of the car. The way it looks isnt scored in the first place, so its not really a big deal.


For those of those making a car for this challenge: I’ve got me a car that represents (before factory settings) total costs of about 57k and about 560 production units (which is obviously quite a lot). This only yields me an initial asking price of 104200 in the markets tab, which is obviously ludicrously low because there’s no factoring in engineering and actual factory logistics.

Is this really the best way to go about pricing the cars, or should we revert to production units and total costs??


I think that price in the market tab works well enough. You can make a really good cheapish car like you have, or you could get near the price limit with generous use of the quality sliders, which i would expect a hypercar to use alot of quality sliders.

The point of a hypercar is experimentation with the best and highest levels of technology and quality of materials, so thats why the price limit is so high.

Thats also why i leave it open to discussion befores to the rules are set. Another option we could do is, let people fill out the factory tabs to their liking, and then set a price limit for the now calculated price. This would also have some big variation between cars in terms of cost, quality and exclusivity. The more i keep playing with the factory options, the more i think this could be the better option. Choices here would have big impact on some of the score.