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USDMFTWs Car Reviewing | Deader than a Doornail


I guess the main thrust of my enquiry is to also help me decide whether I should stick to my own company line (100k suggested price is very low for +11 on drivetrain and +14 on aero for a 1000hp hypercar that quite easily matches the performance of the true hypercars), or to get as close as I can to the limitations. It may also affect which car I submit.


I’ve already touched the factory settings in the car I chose… :\


You have already had a car review done by me, so whatever you think would be the best car to submit.

So, to make it easier, as most have already done the factory settings, i will just redo the price restriction and have it use the calculated price after doing all of the factory tab options.

Ill have the updated price restriction shortly.

Cost restriction updated, any feedback is welcome again.


Note also that the competitor pack is completely meaningless now. We’re going to have to build an entirely new (and much larger) set with the factory settings.


I never payed much attention to that anyways, it was usually pretty weird and wonky, i always went with a real world comparison to determine the class of the car anyways.


Are we allowed to use 95RON? Currently the rules say 98RON only. My company policy is to reserve 98RON for only the top tier hypercars, which I can guarantee will cost well more than 500k any which way I cut it. My other two tiers can get by on 95RON.

Also lol, for the purposes of this comparison I’m going to have to outsource labour so hard.


Terrible wording on my part, fixed, you can use up to super 93.1 aki.


I am SO under budget as of now, I’ll HAVE to use the sliders. Feels like a cheat though :\

In any case


I still need to build mine! I am going to build it tomorrow hopefully.


Ooh ok I’m totally going to bring it. With a healthy margin to boot. 599GTO? Aventador? Screw that, I’ll bring you some road legal FXXK level performance.

Might need some unreasonably wide wheels for this though


Oh… you’re softballing :smile:




I expected you’d build something a lot more ludicrous.


Seems wide enough. :stuck_out_tongue:




Pfft, for stipulated maximum 500k price AFTER margins and factory prices? Nope. I’m not going to cheat and pretend I have a huge factory and trillions of dollars in R&D at my disposal, either.

If it was like a price of 3M, then I’d give you something ludicrous to think about. Let’s see you beat me around the track though :wink:


Yea, it’s a photoshopped picture. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thought So.


That my daily


This be his track warrior.