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UV Mapping for alternative EU-sized license plates


Hel-love there (I like this one….)
after the torture called twelve hours of installation (thanks Steam, I appreciate your “help”) I’ve decided to give a try to the new open-beta version of the game. First of all - these new license plates are absolutely wonderful (well, totally different point goes to the new paint system, which is, at least for me, sadly a bit on the unintuitive side (I mean - the previous one used in open-beta was nearly perfect with its “keep it simple” way of usage)) but that’s a different story, which, let’s be honest, belongs to an absolutely different section.
So… where’s the problem? Oh, yeah, the problem. Actually, it ain’t nothing big, nothing major at all, bit still a bit annoying. The UV mapping, which is presented on the Archana license plates, works flawlessly. Well, the problem is that the British and German license plates share the same UV mapping as the Archana ones, so it looks a bit… messy. As I said, it’s nothing big, but could be fixed in a small amount of time as well.


That’s not UV mapping, it’s a normal map that’s wrong there. And it’s already known.