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Valve Float!


Exactly what I was thinking… if it isn’t a real problem, make it a yellow warning (text yellow oryellow icon) and if it is kind of starting to destroy the engine, make it a red warning (red text orred icon)


Yup, the icon is getting fixed to do that :slight_smile:


We’ll remove the first message and keep the second one. If you are slightly valve floating or not can be seen in your torque graph anyway. :slight_smile:


I’ve got this on my 3.9L I4. Doesn’t affect the MTBF, but after it’s peak power at (617hp!) 8700RPM, the power sharply decreases.


Since the update, I’m redoing all the scenarios and this valve float thing is causing me major problems esp on the trans-am racing one… Having to use push rod type cams and get it to 322 horsepower seems a bit insane. I’m no way an expert at this game, nor do I understand the complexities of engine tuning but I’v tried messing with bore/stroke and I either end up with valve float or bottom end parts causing problems trying to get that much HP. Tried upping the cam profile to max (which helps but not enough) fiddled with the quality. Spent an hour or so to get it to 310hp, but can’t get past it. Before the update I managed to get quite decent scores on most scenarios, but now I’m barely scraping through some of them. I love this game to bits, its teaching me lots and is still fun but seems too challenging for a non engineer to get a pass on certain scenarios now. Unless the scenarios now need adjusting to suit the update to valve float thresholds?


With about 15 minutes of tweaking I achieved platinum. I got to 371hp. Remember that you have a tech pool in this one. Make sure you use all of it. Also remember that if you use an aluminum block it will lower your tech pool in the two most crucial tabs in this scenario plus it will cost more. And make sure you take advantage of all $2500 you are allowed. It will also help valve float and weight if you make your engine with more stroke and less bore. Hope that helps!


Late to the show, but this is annoying. Because Valve Float at peak RPM should be able to be negated with a timing correction, It would decrease performance, but save the engine from wear and tear. introducing different camshaft types (solid, roller), and materials (cast, billet, etc) would be another option to help. Its frustrating not being able to make a pushrod engine do what they can actually do; rev past 4300 with ease.


@Shaffer4 You just bumped a post from 2013!



Anyway, to answer your question…

You won’t make do with the basic pushrod valvetrain setup. And as you may have actually read from this thread, quality points and higher cam profile do help by doing things like stiffening valve springs etc