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Variable generation Focus pt.3 (2019 Ford Focus ST-Line)


So I decided to go to the snow with a group of friends yesterday. This involved driving about an hour from where I live to the highest peaks in the area situated at around 2150m above sea level, which almost certainly gets snow pretty much all winter long. Since it involved driving up, the obvious choice was to take my car up and while I was there at least get a few snaps of the car.

I didn’t get many pictures though admittedly, I was too busy admiring the views and being dumb in the snow. Also the car is dirty, I know, but I felt it was pointless cleaning the car given the amount of dirt and salt there would be on the roads. I also don’t care that I haven’t blurred out my license plate.

As you may spot in one of the pictures, this is also where a large observatory is located, so plenty of time was taken to admire this as well.

As for the views. Well, they’re just simply stunning.

The drive up was also thoroughly enjoyable. If there is one thing we take for granted in Spain is the quality of our roads. I don’t have pictures of that, but if you look for the A-1178 from Serón (Almería) to Calar Alto observatory you can clearly see from the wide sweeping bends and the fact the road is silky smooth, well maintained, and perfectly wide enough you’ll get the idea of just how much fun I was having hooning the Focus up and down the hill. Well, mostly down, with five people and their stuff going up the hill the 1.0 Ecoboost didn’t exactly feel very quick at all, in fact it felt horribly slow. It was at that point I somewhat wished I’d sat in the waiting list for the 1.5 Ecoboost instead, but it’s only the first time I’ve felt this way so…

Link to the road: https://goo.gl/maps/iqZuwagJxbfgPT7p7