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Vega and Vega Commercial Vehicles


Crossovers with four cylinders are typically very slow. Even with turbos they don’t do so well… maybe a V6 is in order? Or a hot version :slight_smile:


Vega Furis VT shown in Pearl Grey.

Vega Furis VT Aerosport in Sunrise Yellow.

Vega Furis VT Aerosport in Sunrise Yellow.


In the US, 91 IS Premium, if you meant RON, well USA is AKI


Ah, true that :sweat: still, it’s 91 RON!


86 AKI!

Just change it to 86 AKI

Yes… good job :clap: :clap: :clap:


I don’t like SUVs but the Elba is a very nicely designed car. The Furis is also good but it’s much bigger challenge to design a good looking SUV than a sports car. I’ll keep my eye on your topic I’m curious about your future designs.


It’s quite a nice old-school supercar which trades on its muscle-car feel - normally aspirated V8s (two sizes, three power outputs), manual transmission as standard, rear-drive - a purist’s delight indeed. However, its ability to run on 91RON regular unleaded is wasted on regions where this particular fuel type is not offered at all. Mine would be in Lime Lemon, with the 6.2L V8 mated to a six-speed manual.


Already bought one!